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I am hereby encouraging people to start posts to talk about anything Bleach-related, eps, manga, fanfic, other comms.
I know I asked people to do so before in another post but now I'm putting this request in BOLD! ^__^

Since this is essentially my writing journal where LJ people can find my most recent work and get updates on my neurotic process and /or beg me to write smut about their favorite characters, I don't think this is a place to post your own fanwork. This is not an archive. I don't want people joining to post their own work. I'm all for pimping, though, so links to your own stories and art should be fine, but only in the context of a discussion. Am I making sense? I want to clarify this before I write it on the user info.

Oh yeah--one more thing. If anyone wants to direct people to hot pix of scantily clad Bleach men (or women), you're welcome to post under a cut IF you credit the artist. Links with the appropriate warnings are always welcome.

Someone help me here.  Start a post topic. I've been flailing around about chpt 268 but haven't said a coherent word about it yet.
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