C.C. Lemon (cclemon) wrote in bleachness,
C.C. Lemon

FOOD AND LOVE ART CONTEST: Strawberry and Vanilla

Title: Strawberry and Vanilla
Characters: Rukia and Ichigo
Rating: Safe for all :D

Because love is sharing, and vanilla frozen yogurt with a strawberry matches well with these two. :D With summer coming up, I thought it'd be fun to throw in some saturated colors. I hope you guys enjoy it even though it's on the messy side!

(Thanks a lot for holding the contest, Debbie! The image posted here is only 40% of the original resolution, so if you need a larger, print-size version for the scrapbook you mentioned you're sending to Kubo, just let me know. :))
Tags: fanart, ichigo, ichiruki, love and food art contest, rukia
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