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Interestingly, ever since that long banished Bleach hate comm took me to task for the "trainwreck" that is my art, I've been worrying a lot less about how things look and just enjoying process. Naturally, this leads to many crooked eyeballs and screwy perspective, but I've been enjoying drawing whereas the fanwriting has me nitpicking lately.

I want to do fanworks outside of Bleach, but when it comes to choosing a project for my free time, Bleach always wins.


Recent Fanarts ALL WS, mostly Orihime but Tatsuki, Rukia, GinRan in there somewhere ) 

Princess Hime and Uryuu Drawn mostly because Orhime's hair is flowy and relaxing to draw and I wanted to put girl princess jewels all over her.

Not Floating
Drawn to go with my recent Rukia/Orihime yuri story but as usual, it does correspond at all to events in the story.

Bleach Ballroom
The only one of a recent batch I like, mostly bc it was so fun and GinRan came out right.

Tatsuki and Orihime I can't blame the migraine meds for this one--someone PLEASE bug me to take a live figures class.

Ooops At least this one was sorta bad on purpose XD

Porch People like this one but I think its all retarded except for Orihime's face. 

I stopped watching the English dub when Renji sounded like a girl but I started watching again because the IshiHime parts are coming up. The Ichigo VA is really, really good. Wish the rest of the cast were bearable.
Japanese anime--don't know why but my heart isn't as into it as the manga at the moment. Seeing the Ikkaku fight animated perked me up a little but the animation is still dragging, and the theme songs drag and there's no BLEACH PUNCH excitement like there currently is in the manga. (I fangurl for the endorphin rush, obviously ^^)

Working on Rukia story with Kaien but it's slow going. Where's the deluge of Rukia and Kaien stories I expected to see this week? Kaien has won my heart as the sexiest guy in Bleach--he must be squished, loved, and written about.

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