_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Hottest Pairing of 2009? Vote for Your Bleach Faves at Ship Manifesto

ship_manifesto is having a battle poll for the hottest pairing of 2009 and some of our Bleach favorites are in the anime/manga categories. In the poll that is open until this coming Tuesday, we have Ulquiorra/Orihime, Nnoitra/Nel, and Ichigo/Ishida competing againt opponents of other anime/manga fandoms. GO HERE to vote

The next tournament rounds aren't open yet for voting but you can take a peek here at the match-ups. Toushiro/Momo, SoiFong/Yoruichi and IchiRuki will be featured. OH NO, my Aizen/Gin will be up against Light/L of DN! Curses!
Tags: shipping
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