Sea (khyata) wrote in bleachness,

Chapter 359 - "The Frozen Obelisk"

- Translation by cnet at mangahelpers: here.

- Sleepyfans scan: here.

Personally, I think Tear (Tia?) Harribel is out for the count folks. She might attempt a comeback, but at best, it'll probably be a last ditch effort.

As for Soi Fon, I cant wait. She looks so calm and bad ass while uttering "ban....kai", dammit I want chapter 360 to be out already.

And Oomaeda is now my new favorite lieutenant. I'll probably eat my left toe for saying this at some point of time in the future, but for now? Inconceivable as this may sound, I daresay that I find him to be really sweet and a woobie inside, along with being incredibly funny. Dammit Kubo, you've done it again. Making me care for a character who is the utter antithesis of anything remotely treading the bishie line. Harrumph.

ETA: Here is the cover for volume 39, courtesy of Zangetsu01 from BA.

Allon/ Ayon/ Eon/ insert-suitable-spelling-here looks mighty fine and dashing on the cover doesn't he? He seems almost fluffy. Almost.

Tags: bleach manga
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