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Sugar and Spice, part II

title: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.. part II
author: Dungeonwriter
genre:  Fluff  For </b></a>wintaerland
rating: PG
time line: In the future
pairing: Ishihime
word count: 750              



“You know, your food is too rich,” Ishida Ryuuken said, trying to instruct his future daughter in her most important duty, keeping the head of the house happy. “I think Uryuu would benefit from a more Spartan regime.”

                “Sparta, like Italy?” Inoue said, brightly. ‘I can make pancetta for him, and fettuccini and all those delicious mozzarella I can use for him!”

                “No, he needs simple food. He’s growing lazy and indolent,” Dr. Ishida explained patiently. He had been told this child had graduated third in the class and was a star athlete. He was starting to wonder what morons his son had attended school with.

                “Yes, I do like to spoil him,”  Inoue said, giggling. ‘I like him to be all content and happy when he gets home from work. He’s a big celebrity and he needs to keep up his strength.”

                “On that subject, do you think fashion designer is a proper profession for a man?” Dr. Ishida asked, still quite flummoxed by how to say anything to get this girl’s attention.

                “Oh of course not. It’s only suitable for my man, most men don’t have the talent my Uryuu has. Or they just don’t have the inclination to learn it. I’m sure he got his skills from you, doctor, look how your shirt matches your tie and your pants,” she said, and Dr. Ishida was quite sure he would have to proscribe himself a dose of migraine medication before this conversation was through. “You’re going to make such a good grandpa.”

                “Miss Inoue, I think we need to have a serious and frank discussion,” Dr. Ishida began, before he felt a terrible sensation around his arms. This…creature of bubbles and froth had just hugged him! This unwanted body contact was unacceptable.

                “Yes. I can’t thank you enough for making Uryuu and I so happy. We are so excited to have you in our lives, you’re the kindest and most wonderful father in the whole world, even if Uryuu says you’re not, I know he’s lying,” the emotionally diuretic girl sobbed, pressing her wet face into his neatly pressed shirt.

                “Miss Inoue,” Dr. Ishida said, trying to break into the conversation. “I think you should know…”

                “That you feel the same way? That I’m like the daughter you always wanted? I can’t believe you are so good to me, you’re such a wealthy important man and I know I’m not the girl you wanted for him, you wanted a girl with class, but you gave me such a wonderful chance and I won’t let you down.” Miss Inoue was not hearing the words he was trying to say.

                “Miss Inoue,” Dr. Ishida tried again, as he felt another hug coming, something completely against all the rules he lived his life by.

                “And we’ll take care of you, Uryuu and I. You’ll eat by our home every single day. I’ll make you delicious proper home cooked meals. I’ll even bring you food at the hospital, I can come visit you at lunch,”

That was unacceptable. “Miss Inoue,” Dr. Ishida said, realizing he was quickly losing control of the situation.

“Oh, don’t bother thanking me.  It’s my pleasure. You’re family, we want to take care of you. When you’re old, we’ll take care of you, keep you nice and warm and taken care of.  And you can babysit the grandchildren and take them to the park and sing to them. We’re going to be one big wonderful family.”

                Dr. Ishida was quite sure that this was some terrible vengeance against him by some furious deity of sorts. As he saw his son walk in and start smirking, he was more than sure that someone in the heavens hated him. And as he regarded himself as Master of the Universe around him, this was even more distressing.

                “I’m going to make you some more cake,” Inoue said happily, letting go of him. “And we can all sing along to my favorite music after dinner.”

                Dr. Ishida was quite sure the world had gone mad. As his future daughter in law, half of the genetic make up of the future of his line began to sing loudly from Andrew Llyod Weber, he was starting to realize that he had not landed a single sarcastic remark, he had allowed everything to happen and had not stopped it.

                He realized with even more horror that he had cut himself a piece of cake. He had done it, he had succumbed to his worst fears. He had gotten old and soft!

                Uryuu grinned and said nothing. He didn’t have to.


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