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The Gift - Part 1

Title: The Gift
Author: seckshooal
Pairing: Yoruichi/Soi Fong
Rating: PG 13: Mild Sexual Content
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.

The air was thick and dense as Yoruichi awoke to a hot, humid day. The thin blanket upon her felt heavy as she tossed it aside and moved her feet to the floor. Slowly she stood up and drug her feet across the floor to the bathroom. The mirror revealed a tired, drained woman from her battles the day before. Turning to the bath tub, she began to run some cool water. The sound of the running water seemed to make her feel better, only emotionally though. Physically she still felt the pain. She untied her robe and dropped it to the floor and shivered as she slid into the cold water. It seemed to engulf her sore body and brought relieve her pain.

Yoruichi's mind wandered to the day before; to the time when she and her little bee had been fighting hollows side-by-side. The more she thought about her little bee the more she realized they have always had each other if one needed comfort. Soi Fong had grown much from the young girl Yoruichi had taught so many years ago. Soi Fong had become more, much more. She had become Yoruichi's little bee, her love...her life. As she was thinking this, a single tear fell down her cheek and joined into the water below sending a small ripple out to the sides of the tub.

“Please don't cry,” a calming voice said as a delicate hand brushed a lone piece of hair from Yoruichi's face. She looked up to find her little bee kneeling beside the tub looking at her with the most beautiful, loving eyes. This instantly brought a smile to her once sad face. “Your reiatsu seemed...different. I thought I would see what is wrong,” Soi said without breaking eye contact.

Yoruichi's love for Soi could not be hidden; she expressed it with every action around her. She laid her hand on the side of her bee's face and stared deeply into her eyes, “I missed you. That is what is wrong with me. I can't stand to be without you.” They embraced for what seemed like an eternity and it seemed as though they became one. After they separated, no words were exchanged. Only a smile and a look which clearly said, “I love you.”

Soi tugged on Yoruichi's arm, “I have something I want to show you.” She exited the room and returned quickly with some clothes, “C'mon, get dressed. We need to hurry.” Yoruichi pulled the plug in the drain and all the water quickly drained from the tub. The sides of the tub aided her as she stood up and grabbed the soft towel from the floor beside her. Gently, she rubbed the fluffy towel all over her until she was completely dry and begin to put on the clothes Soi had laid out for her. “You look stunning as usual,” Soi said looking her over.

“Thanks,” Yoruichi said blushing. “Where are we going?” she asked with a sort of excitement in her voice recognized only by Soi.

“Shh,” she said pressing a finger to her lips. “Don't ask questions. Besides, it's a secret. If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise,” Soi said with a witty smile as she grabbed Yoruichi's hand and led her down the hallway. Yoruichi's mind was racing with ideas of where her bee could be taking her. She was clueless as to what Soi had planned for her. There was only way to find out and it was to follow her one true love to the secret destination. Her little bee stopped in front of a door which seemed to be her room. Soi produced a key from her pocket and opened to door; with a gesture she signaled Yoruichi to enter. She was surprised to see a trail of rose peddles leading to a present surrounded by candles which made the shape of a heart.

“What is all this for?” she asked as Soi entered closing the door behind her. Soi did not answer, she only moved closed and slowly pressed her lips against those of her one true love. Yoruichi's mine was spinning with extacy from the kiss and she wished it would never end. Their soft lips parted and left both speechless. Then, they both knelt down near the beautifully wrapped box and Yoruichi gently undid the ribbon and began to lift the lid. What was inside had shocked her and amazed her at the same time. She thought to herself, “How could one person be this amazing? How could I possible be more in love than I already am?”

To be continued.

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