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Ishida Hurt/Comfort Challenge

Well. Normally I lurk here, but I absolutely had to come out of the shadows for this. The truth is, hurt/comfort fic is my guilty pleasure. I don't normally post the ones I write online because I think they're pretty terrible, but since I love Ishida I figured I might as well give this a shot. Please forgive me. It's really terrible (and doesn't particularly follow canon at all, except for the fact that Ishida is missing an arm for a while, because I love missing arms as much as Kubo-sensei we all want to see him with limbs intact again. ^_^;;

As a final blast obliterated the Arrancar, Orihime turned to her rescuer and her eyes widened as she took him in for the first time. He was still standing, impossibly, and at the spark of reiatsu around him, she realized he had to be using a Quincy technique to keep him on his feet. There was no way his legs could support him, injured like that.

He forced a smile at her, though his face was pale. “It should… be safe here,” he gasped out. “So you stay… I’m going ahead…”

“Ishida-kun,” Orihime said softly, horrified. She walked up to him slowly. “Y-you’re… there’s no way you can fight anymore…”

“I can still…” Ishida began, but then his reiatsu’s hold over his own body faltered, and he fell. Orihime lurched forward, not sure what she intended to do, but then he was collapsing into her and her own legs buckled, leaving her kneeling on the floor, Ishida’s limp broken frame slumped against her, his head resting heavily on her shoulder. “Sorry…” she heard him whisper.

His injuries had got the better of him; he could hardly move, no matter how hard he tried. It was no wonder. Both of his legs were badly broken, and several ribs were shattered. One arm had been cleanly shorn off above the elbow, amputated by the Arrancar’s zanpakuto. He was shaking badly. Orihime bit her lip, and then wrapped her arms around him, supporting him, putting one arm behind his shoulders and the other around his waist.

Ishida’s entire body convulsed as he started coughing uncontrollably. Orihime tightened her grip on him, struggling to hold him as he coughed up blood. As the spasm passed, his breathing was more shallow and irregular than ever, his chest heaving as he gasped for breath through the blood in his lungs. He sounded horrible, and it made Orihime’s heart clench.

She had to stop this. Orihime closed her eyes, trying to sense the presence of her healing fairies although she couldn’t move her hand to place her fingertips on the hairpins. “I… I reject!” Nothing happened, and Orihime’s eyes snapped open in shock. Nothing had happened. She couldn’t use her powers. She closed her eyes tight again, her entire body stiffening and her arms holding Ishida close. “I reject! I reject! I reject!”

Orihime tried again and again to call on them until she was almost screaming, but there was no answering flash of light, and by the end she was trembling almost as badly as Ishida. She really couldn’t help him. The only thing she could have done and she’d failed at it. She really was useless…

Ishida whimpered in pain, his remaining hand clutching at her shirt. He was shuddering in his desperate attempts to breathe, no longer entirely conscious due to loss of blood and lack of oxygen. Orihime’s eyes filled with tears. She stroked his hair, his back, whispering a constant, frantic stream of comfort in his ear that sounded so hollow, so false to her own ears. No matter how much she told him everything was going to be okay, no matter how much she wanted to ease his pain, she could do nothing. In the face of Ishida’s suffering, she was helpless.

It was all her fault.

Her fault because of her inability to fight, her weakness. She’d forced him to fight not only for himself, but for both of them – in his battle with the Arrancar, she had effectively crippled him. And he’d won, because he was Ishida-kun and he’d pushed himself past his own limits to save her, but at what cost?

Ishida began to hyperventilate, his breathing rapid and shallow, his entire body stiffening and twisting in her arms as he moaned in agony.

He was going to die because of her.

Because of her weakness.

Because of her…

Orihime drew his shuddering body close, holding him still with all her strength, supporting him through his convulsions. “I… I…” she whispered.

Then she threw her head back and screamed, “I REJECT!”

And now it was not merely his injuries she was rejecting – his shattered ribs and broken legs and stump of an arm – but everything that had brought him to that state, her own weakness, her own inability to use her powers, her cowardice in battle. The things she despised in herself, everything she wanted to change. Because now she knew what it was she wanted.

There was a flash of light, and Ayame and Shunou responded. She heard their cries of congratulation and encouragement as if from a great distance, because she felt suddenly weak and exhausted. Her arms lost their tight grip on Ishida’s body, and she fell forward as her eyes began to close.

But she didn’t fall. As her body went limp, she felt someone else’s arms enfold her, a warm, solid presence supporting her. “I want to fight alongside you… Ishida-kun…” She was barely conscious anymore, didn’t really know what she was saying, didn’t even know if any of this was really happening. But she had to tell him. “I’m sorry… I don’t want to be weak anymore…”

Ishida held her close as she fell unconscious, the two fairies returning to her hairpins as she did. He stroked her hair, leaning his head against the top of hers. “Inoue,” he said quietly, and his voice broke. “Don’t blame yourself. You’re the strongest person I know.”

She’d never recognized her own power, but he had. She was incredible, and it didn’t seem fair that he was the only one who had seen it. She was precious to him, meant more than anything else in the world, and he could never tell her that enough. Ishida smiled softly, brushing Inoue’s hair away from the side of her face. “We’ll fight side-by-side next time, Inoue-san,” he whispered.

Y-yeah, I kind of suck at titles. And ... it kinda ended up being mostly about Orihime. OTL;;; ... I'm crawling back into my lurker corner now, kthx.

Edit: The title, by the way, is "Rejecting. " I told you it sucked. It was supposed to be in the LJ cut, but ... I suck at that too. Aaaargh~ D:

(Should I add tags to this? I dunno. o_o; )

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