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Contest reminder, fanart, fic recs

A couple weeks to go and so a reminder:

FOOD AND LOVE ART CONTEST ... THE DETAILS ARE HERE. More details about the contest in this post. I bought some Ichigo and Rukia posters for prizes but decided to keep them. I hope people will enter for the fun and because fandom's the ultimate winner in these sorts of things, but the Bleach coloring book came in last week and it's AWESOME.

Not much new to tell. I'm waiting on a BL drama cd featuring Noriaki Sugiyama, Ishida Uryuu's sweet-voiced seiyuu to come out at the end of the month. I'm STILL trying to finish my answer to the Hurt Ishida, Comfort Ishida challenge. I'm on page 16 and that's it, I can't do a sex scene, sorry, NOT in the mood tonight my dears.

Have some art. xshelaghx drew the most spectacular UlquiHime recently which you can fave here on D.A. but which I'm afraid isn't going to be up for long given the site's penchant for removing art that shows Orihime's boobs, nipples or no nipples. *sigh* It's A GORGEOUS PIECE, nsfw though.

Queen of Despair #2 by xshelaghx

She just posted the prequel  QDP1 here (this one's worksafe... uh.. kinda...)

I also love this Halibel among the hammerheads by xilvrin . I'd love to see some real shark action in Hali's fight. I'm loving the Barragan/Soi Fong battle but I'm going to continue to be impatient with Halibel/Hitsugaya until these pokemon element antics are over--I really want to see Hali show her teeth. She's a SHARK gal, after all. I want her to be scary again. And scary doesn't mean dissolving Hitsugaya's big dragon with her hawtness power.

Oh FICS! Here's one that made me run around in circles from happiness. It's KENPACHI AND UNOHANA FIC from vesperh . It's so well done and the 11th division touches are just so!

Click here to go to an untitled Kenpachi and Unohana fic, G, by Rebecca and you must HELP HER TITLE IT

And I just read a lovely Orihime-centered fic It's IshiHime but I mostly liked it because it's lovely Orihime. It's Running in the Rain, PG by crabby_crab

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