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KawaiiS comic, romantic resolution in Bleach, Kubo at musical premiere

Oh LOL 4evah and I can't believe you guys are STILL posting on yesterday's wankery trollery post.
Neha wanted to talk about tomato plants and Alex still has an essay to write about phallic imagery in rock formations in Bleach and Jenni did a law-school logical smack-down I need to reproduce elsewhere just because I fangirl her answers to illogic, but maybe the best convo to morph out of the comments was about does Kubo really need to resolve romance issues in Bleach and is such resolution possible in a shounen. I liked what karenai wrote.

Kylara (karenai):

I honestly think the simplest answer to this?

is that Kubo is too cheesy of a man NOT to resolve it.

No, he is seriously a cheesy, cheesy man. This is the man who made Byakuya a man who tragically married for love and then adopted a girl just because his wife told him to. This is the man who has Kurosaki Isshin, still single years later, smoke cigarettes in front of his wife's grave because it was the one time she complimented him. This is the man who has, yes, I'm including it, Ichigo tell Rukia that they've met before in other lifetimes and will meet again. I almost cried from how sweet that was, but my roommates burst out into hysterical laughter from the cheeeeeeese.


This made me laugh because among my closest friends we've called Shishou "Shoujo man" for a few years now. SHOUJO MAN because of his proclivity for cheese. I remember that interview with Morita where Kubo-sensei said he got "goosebumps" watching the end of the Grand Fisher fight when Ichigo fell into Rukia's arms. What a fanboi. *__* And I also love this quote from that same interview which just tells me that Kubo works hard to "touch" people with his cheese:

“There are bits in the manga where I draw scenes that wouldn’t get the reader’s attention too much. I always put all my effort into my manga but how each audience read my manga are different. So it’s really important to make sure they would end up all having a similar idea of my story, but then again, it’s really up to them how they read the manga, but then there are scenes where I want the audience to be touched, so it’s really hard."

And yeah, it's worked. People have felt the cheese. The  IchiRuki ... and the bromance between Yumi and Ikkaku... the wah-wah poignancy that was NnoiNel... and the UlquiHime of recent chapters... and well, Kubo's skilled enough that if he wanted an audience to love IchiOri, there would be all kinds of IchiOri merchandising right now and an IchiOri movie and a swell of popularity for the pairing because he would've made it so. What Kubo's made so is an angstfest for Orihime--and it needs resolution. He can't leave her unhappy. So.... we wait and wait and wait.

In the meantime, there go more arms flying in the air! Weee!

Speaking of how we read Bleach, this is a comic by KawaiiS I just loved. It was a "had to be done" drawing in response to something Arrancar_Fan wrote: "The hand-reach was like a pie thrown at those who hadn't realized the UlquiHime-ness through-out the manga."

Also, yesterday there was a premiere of the new Bleach musical and Kubo was there. melodymix  posted some info about it at the IchiRuki FC at BA:

Apparently, there was Bleach Rock Musical film festival today http://pierrot.jp/title/bleach/filmfes/ According to someone who went, Kubo was also there, and he brought a date along with him. His girlfriend maybe They also said there was an announcement made by Ichigo and Rukia in the hall (so only there voices) and due to the excitement not many people remember the exact wordings but a lot of people said that Ichigo said to Rukia “しばらく見ないあいだに美人になったんじゃねえ?(I haven’t seen you for a long time but haven’t you gotten beautiful)” and apparently people in the audience squealed loudly There is more to the quote but since its not like anyone recorded it or anything, no one can remember the exact wordings to the conversation Ichigo and Rukia were having. They bicker half-way through the announcement until Ichigo remembers why they were here in the first place The voicing was done by Ichigo and Rukia’s actor in Rock Musical so even though it’s not by Morita and Ori-chan it’s still cute. I must say, I looked at the post where someone briefly posted their conversation but it seemed a little OOC for Ichigo and Rukia . Kubo was in the audience but never went up on stage. He just went there as an guest From 2chan Quote: 会場アナウンスは>>759の通りだと思う。興奮してて、もうこれ以上は思い出せないスマソ このアナウンスで悲鳴上げてたのは絶対イチルキだなw私もその一人だけど ・好きな歌は?の質問で「イチルキ恋白の歌」が一番好きと答える伊阪くん ・皆が投稿した好きな曲ベスト5での、ランク外に「手をつなごう」があってまた悲鳴 ・「手をつなごう」好きという伊阪くん ・ギンイヅルの3番隊パートの振り付けを踊る伊阪くんと美貴ちゃん w ・ギンのパートを歌う伊阪くんと背中合わせになる美貴ちゃん The announcement in the hall was like 759 said I think (The “haven’t you gotten beautiful?” quote) I was also too excited and panicking I can’t remember much Whoever squealed in this announcement is definitely an IchiRuki fan, even though I was one of them With the question “Your favourite song?”. Tatsuya (Ichigo’s actor) answered he liked “Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Byakuya’s song” the most There was another squeal when “Te wo Tsunagou” (IchiRuki duet song) came in the top 5 from in a poll where everyone participated in Tatsuya-kun said he also likes “Te wo Tsunagou” Tatsuya-kun and Miki-chan (Rukia’s actor) dances along with the 3rd squad Gin and Izuru’s part that was in the musical Tatsuya-kun sings Gin’s part and he and Miki-chan stand back-to-back against each other __________________
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