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Deadline approacheth... Love & Food Pairing ART CONTEST REMINDER

Barragan's touch is upon us and time is running out. YOU HAVE, LIKE, THREE WEEKS, PEOPLE. But that's plenty of time for you to come up with an idea for a couple of Bleach characters in a artwork with the theme of LOVE and FOOD.


I don't know how many participants we'll have so I don't know how many prizes will be awarded but as always, there will be spiffy ones. I just ordered Paint Jump: Art of Bleach (Japanese) and SOULs Bleach Character book (English version) for prizes and I've got a nice store of little goodies, doujin and keychains and magnets and such, not to mention pretty chopsticks and Godiva chocolates and pumpkin Pocky as shown here by my lovely Orihime plushie:

Yes, that is my entire stock of whistle candy from the last time I was at the Asian grocery store but not shown are lots of my little keychains I recently got from Singapore--cute couples. Renji and Ichigo, Rukia and Kon, Ishida and Orihime (SS! I think I'll save those for my IshiHime contest or keep them for myself), Mayuri and Nemu, Tousen and Hisagi (!) and Aizen and Gin (keeping that one I think). I have some other doujinshi that I need to scan first. I love that Renji and Rukia one. I have a very perverted IchiIshi I can't give away, haha.

oh, oh, oh, and look what Charlie (hiddengems ) drew and dedicated to me! I mean, look at these sexy dudes!

You can fave these awesome guys at Deviant Art here
Tags: contest, fanart, ichigo, ishida
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