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Hurt Ishida, Comfort Ishida (a challenge)

The Hurt Ishida Comfort Ishida Challenge

I quote nehalenia  from a comment in an earlier post: Hell YES on the h/c challenge! KT is not the only one who can injure and torment Ishida, and he frankly kind of sucks at the whole comfort thing. (yea, shounen, I know.) ;) I am so there. Hmm, I wonder if we could let people put up h/c prompts to give people ideas?



First, a definition of hurt/comfort fic.
H/C, h/c, hurt/comfort -- a type of story in which one character is harmed (physically or emotionally) and another must save him/her, make him or her feel better, or both.

From Shippers R We Fanfic terms:
Hurt/Comfort: "Hurt/Comfort" is a form of an angst story, albeit in a more straightforward formula. In fact this type of story is exactly as it sounds: a character is hurt in some way, and the other character(s) comfort him/her. The "hurt" can be emotional (death of a loved one, mental problems, memories of past trauma, etc.) or physical (rape, torture, accidental injury, kidnapping, illness, disease), which often leads back to emotional hurt.

The t.v. tropes definition is here and it's kinda lame but interesting.


H/c fics can be cute and not too angsty, though too, like the one I recently rec’ed (Stolen Pajamas by sainnis ) or even kinda funny like the one I’m trying to write right now.

Here’s an Ishida and Renji (with Orihime in there) one I really loved: Dimming Bright by schweinsty 


Write a one-shot h/c fic involving Ishida Uryuu of Bleach. Hurt him, comfort him, that is all. Here are five prompts from me:

1) stop the bleeding
2) discoloration
3) swine flu
4) wet towel
5) cold fingers

And others may list prompts in the comments. When you have written your fics please share them with the bleachness  community that is starved for some comfort for IshIda our dear one who is so mutilated and hurt in current canon.
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