_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

The Bleach Girls Make Me Cry

I just read the LQ RAW of 268 and it made me cry. Last chapter to do that was 237 but I'm just a fool for the Bleach girls and their feelings. Tatsuki's mournful I-miss-you eyes slay me, and you know--a little more wistfulness on Chizuru's part and I'll cry for her too.

Between this chpt and the nekkie BL one from Naruto, and I'm overcome today. I've spent all my hypographia posting in Sinta's Romance in Shounen thread at BF: Romance in Shounen Manga and I wasn't even talking about 268.

Seems the more I learn about the manga form and Japanese attitudes, the more convinced I am of an IchiRuki AND IshiHime ending.

Still sniffling from 268 and I haven't even read the text yet.
Tags: bleach manga, manga, sinta
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