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Another reminder! Don't forget to work on your ideas! The posting deadline is June 1st. I have more prizes (the SOULS databook in English is one). Get to drawing, people! I want Kubo-sensei to see the entries. <3


You guys still flying high off the last chapter? I've been reading the most outrageous things in fandom--cries of "Bravo, genius!" to this one guy (who always blasts Kubo for "newby writing skills") saying what else could you expect from a manga-ka who only had a high school education? Really, I laughed so hard at that last observation--because it was so awful it was brilliant in the sense that Kubo's recent plot twist was.

Naruto Forums had been predicting the Yammi outcome as crack for two years now and they're going wild over there. Some of the threads are killing me. Bleach is triggering bipolar episodes--one week I'm in utter grief over Ulquiorra, the next I can't stop laughing over Yammi.

Kubo Tite trolled my fandom
Kubo reads Naruto Forums

I bet someone on BA $50 that Ulquiorra would return before April 30th 2010. I couldn't help myself. I'm a betting woman and she said she lurked at bleachness for the lulz and that my predictions always were wrong so I had to remind her that I called Ishida at tower five, the no go on the "cooldown hug" from Orihime to IchiThing, Ulqui's demon release, regeneration capabilities and redemption. Eh, one less doujin for me if I lose. I've already won a box of truffles and some pears by betting on Bleach happenings (LB7-sensei, I AWAIT MY PACKAGE! <3). I'm still calling that wave behind Halibel in the last chapter as Ukitake's way of knocking Hitsugaya's potential slayer off her feet but I admit that I WANT this to be true more than I actually believe it's going to be true. A Hitsugaya and Halibel battle where ice beats water is really the last sort of predictable blah I want to see.

A beautiful new UlquiHime fanart here This one was done for LB7-sensei and makes me wish I could draw better so I could gift her and Kubo and other artists who have brought me such happiness with art. I need to write my stories again. I will, I promise, as soon as Real Life calms down--I have so many unfinished stories I want to give you all.

Selenityshiroi did a coloring copying Kubo's palette. I like this so much. She shaded Orihime with the yellows Kubo uses and Ulquiorra with the grays.

coloring by Selenityshiroi

LJ recs: Rebecca's story review of 354
Misora on Ulquiorra's heart
Jenni is ambivalent about this chapter
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