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The Anime Team is Funny

Hi there, Bleachness. Im a rather new member, but long time stalker. Some of you may know me as Arcadia over from the BA forums, I post mainly in the IchiRuki FC.

I was, at the request of a friend, looking over the Rukia/Aaroniero fight, I noticed that the anime team slipped something in.

(Pause at around 3:29)

This is part of the fight before Nejibana is released, where Rukia and the Espada duke it out as Aaroniero taunts her over and over again about her part in Kaien's death thats not covered in the manga. After a particularly nasty barb, Rukia jumps back and unleashes an attack at him. The particular thing is her stance. Neither Tsukishiro or Hakuren start out with Sode no Shirayuki vertical and pointed upward (I originally thought this was a misfired Hakuren).

An attack where reiatsu is released from the edge or tip of a blade in a projectile like manner. Where have we seen that a bajillion times before?

Yeah, the anime team made her pull a Getsuga Tensho.


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