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Espada numbers

Numerology is the study of numbers and their regards to personalities etc, but it’s also about how numbers are used in society. I want to talk about numerology for the Espada mainly because we have a better idea about Yammi’s number. It seems apparent to me that Kubo thought hard about which number to assign to whom so I want to talk about how Yammi fits 0 and 10. For all the other Espada, please go to my profile and have a look: If you haven’t thought about their numbers, I think you’ll be surprised. I've updated my journal entry. Please also check out arwen_luna's lj community; the link is in my journal entry.

At first we knew Yammi was 10. It never made sense to me why he was labeled 10 because 10 equals completeness and perfection in a sense that it’s used as the end of a series. Now that he is labeled 0, it seems more apparent to me that Yammi encompasses the Espada—making it complete, since he is the beginning and the end. As for 0, zero is about the beginning, and the beginning of things has always been considered primitive. Yammi obviously holds this in his personality and in his appearance. He acts like a barbarian and looks like a dinosaur. Zero is also the end so therefore this manifests itself in the series since he is also 10. It appears to me that Kubo wants to have Yammi as the last battle. If that is the case, then it furthers the idea of completeness. Yammi began the appearance of the Espada and now ends it. If this is the case, then I think it was well worth having Yammi around. Having the ability to say if the count is from 1-10 or 0-9 also goes with his completeness. 1-10 is a perfect series that holds perfect law but 0-9 shows the origin of the numbers and is a complete series in that there are no numbers that repeat themselves. Therefore, when Yammi turns 0, he makes the series in itself back to its origin, furthering the notion of Yammi's primitiveness.   

This sounds good and all, but the top three Espada are not well defined by their individual number like the other Espada. Barragan fits number 1 perfectly; Halibel 2 and Starkk 3. I wonder about Kubo’s process in deciding this, but I feel as though because he introduced their numbers in a group, and they were the last people to be introduced (excluding Yammi), he might have felt more at liberty to change their numbers. I wonder if it was because he didn’t like having another old man at the top, but if it was really only about breaking stereotypes, I’d say he should have made Halibel number 1. So either way it’s a failure. I just don’t know his process. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Now some comments about the raw chapter:

Yammi’s release command: ぶち切れろ(buchi kirero)  Literally translated as: Be enraged, or flip out. So destroy is not the optimal translation

Yammi’s release: 憤獣 (ira)  Means angry/wrathful beast


Major thanks to arwen_luna (the former resident translator of bleach exile), the best translator and researcher of Bleach.



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