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Kubo Tite: Troll, Genius or Both? (354 spoilers)

I'm still reeling. From last week's holiday indulgences, from a lingering fever, from the after-effects of antihistamines and Espada Death. I stumble to the computer as is my habit for the Bleach spoilers, blink once, blink twice, and OMFG, THIS IS EXACTLY THE COLD SHOWER THAT I NEEDED....

How are you holding up, my fellow Bleach fans? I'm still laughing. A bit hysterically, like someone who needs to be slapped in the face maybe, but appreciatively, because Kubo gave me what I needed after last week's angst. I can understand the anger in some parts of fandom over this new plot twist/Kubo troll/wtfuckery or whatever you want to call it but ....

My first reaction was to laugh. Yammi always makes me laugh. I laughed long and hard at "The Pride" chapter and the words that goeth before Yammi's fall --Ishida telling him "You'll probably fall all the way to the basement." That was comedy genius.

Now, I know you guys think Kubo could fart and I'd say it was Hawaiian White Ginger wafting in on a South Seas breeze but honestly, look at the fandom reaction right now and tell me when is the last time we've seen such NO WAY JOSE surprised fandom! Well, some guys at Naruto Forums had been joking about the possibility of a cero espada rank for a long time--the theory was famous crack. And now it's CANON. Wee!

I call beautiful. I call it beautiful that Kubo-sensei went from an emotionally intense serious farewell death and poignancy scene in the last chapter to this howlingly funny revelation that Yammi is the CERO ESPADA.

My only really pain comes from the fact that Ishida still isn't healed, and Kubo, self-proclaimed sadist that he is, may not show us him being healed for chapters and chapters while we focus on the Fake Karakura Town Fights. The fact that we're left with Orihime still reaching for Ulquiorra's hand while he entrusts his heart to her and all that doesn't bother me---Ishida can bleed while that little melodrama goes on as long as he gets his just thank you from the woman he's sacrificed life and limb (literally) for in these past few chapters.

Neha, posting in the Ishida FanClub at BA , reminded me of the literary aspects of Kubo's ways and why we're not spending more time on the emotional blah-blah fall-out from the Ulquiorra battle right away (sorry guys, nehalenia  and I are both academic poets who went to school to study this stuff and this is how we read our stories, even our cartoons, within these lit crit parameters and junk):

Looking at how emotional that last chapter was -- especially the ending -- I have to admit that from a writer's perspective.... I'd probably have done the same thing.

Pretty much anything that happens up on the dome right after Ulquiorra disappears is going to be anticlimactic or at the very least awkward. You've got Ichigo and Orihime standing looking a bit stunned and Ishida behind them bleeding, and for the plot to move forward, everyone has to change gears. With Ishida hurt, Orihime and Ichigo don't have the luxury of standing there to 'process their feelings'. The scene has to transition, and just speaking for myself? I loathe writing transitions. Especially with a fast moving story (like a manga) it's where you can lose a story's rhythm (and the audience's interest) while people shift positions, emotions, etc.

And the best way to avoid a messy or boring in-scene transition?

Switch scenes. Go to where the action is still happening, then shift back a bit later.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still ticked off there's no Ishida in this chapter -- especially no Ishida getting healed and apologized to --but I can understand it from a mechanics POV.

That said, if Kubo doesn't go back up there and give us the healing scene we want (or something even better that none of us have thought of yet)... I don't know what I'll do.

P.S. If Yammy gets back up there howling for Ishida's blood before Ishida is healed up and able to fend for himself, there had better be a whole bunch of nakama defending him.

If that happens tho, KT will need to change the name of the manga to "The Perils of Ishida".

Don't let us down, KT! I mean it.

People make fun of my blind faith in Kubo all the time. But I do trust Kubo not to let us down. I've been reading this manga for a long time and I haven't been let down yet. Maybe I'll be wrong and Szayel will never show again, but I can live with plot disappointments as long as Kubo delivers with developing his characters. Major betrayals would be if we don't get Isshin's backstory as Kubo promised us in interview or Orihime's power-up as the story itself has promised us. I was so satisfied that Ulquiorra, who I always knew would be a redeemed character, was given his moment of humanity by Kubo-sensei that I trust Kubo even more now. I expect to be messed around with, tossed down a few staircases, held by the throat for weeks on end without reprieve but hey, that's what I've come to expect from this manga-ka.

In other bleachness news, I really dislike the new anime OP because I'm tired of dancing girls in anime OPs but I really like the ED because of the overt IchiRuki-ness and the "Love you, love you" lyric. The song itself isn't half as pretty as "Sky Chord" but it pleases my shippy heart.

I'm not at all worried about the manga staying away for too long from what interests audiences most at this point. Yes, yes, everyone wants Hitsugaya and Halibel's titties in their released form, but Kubo-sensei knows where his audiences' hearts lie--with the six hearts, the nakama themselves. And he'll be back to them. Don't worry people. We only have forever to wait.
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