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A beautiful new Ulquiorra fanart based on 353

And why not another poll? I'm of the feverent hope that in this next chapter Orihime will FINALLY set about to healing Uryuu's hand (bonus points for Kubo if she clutches it the way she wasn't able to hold onto Ulquiorra's) but I have a feeling Ulqui's coming back, if not sooner then later. A 354 revival would mean another fandom assplosion so maybe we'll get a chapter of lulling not-much-action until the next big reveal.

We were discussing Ulqui's mysterious words "It will never be finished" at the UlquiHime FC at BA this morning.

Cezaria wrote of the words:

That phrase can be broken down into 3 parts.
永遠に = forever
つかなく(着かなく)= unreached/unsettled
なる = becoming in the state of

So it is in Engrish, forever becoming in the state of unsettled

Ulquiorra knew he was going to die soon, but his honor prevented him from just dying of a natural cause (as he would view it to be cowardly, I dunno) in the middle of the battle. Hence if he died naturally, it's an eternally unsettled outcome. (But natural my ass, though that's another topic...)

My response was:

I see. In terms of a battle to the death, unless one opponent actually KILLS the other, the battle is not finished. So the last "killing" blow had been dealt by Ulquiorra to Ichigo--but Ichigo regenerated....

If we see the last "killing" blow as being the cero that took away Ulquiorra's vital organs, though, the battle was decided then. Ichigo was the winner.

Any way you look at it--ICHIGO HAS FIRST BLOOD ON HIS HANDS by virtue of becoming IchiThing. I don't know if that's going to sit well with him or if Kubo is going to let his perfect hero be tainted with such an unholy win.

Ulquiorra still died by Ichigo's hand--as a direct consequence of the cero. He didn't die a "natural death."

I still think Orihime will bring him back.

Poll #1382773 Is Ulquiorra Coming Back from the Ashes? (check as many answers as you like)

Is Ulquiorra Coming Back from the Ashes? (check as many answers as you like)

Hell no, you're all like Elvis in Guatemala spotters with your wishful thinking!
I don't want him to--his end in 353 was perfect.
Ichigo can't have blood (dust, whatever) on his hands! Ulquiorra will revive because Kubo CAN'T KILL.
We're in for a long wait--skootch over, Grimmjow fans.
Betcha he pops up in Yammi's backstory at least

Also, what do you folks make of Ulquiorra's final expenditure of energy to knock of IchiThing's horn? Ulquiorra says himself that he would have been dead had he not made this move, but this strikes me as a rationalization. He would have been dead regardless--Ulquiorra already knew that his organs were not going to regenerate. To me, Ulquiorra clearly diverted that cero in order to save Ishida's life. He could've hit IchiThing square in the brain had he wanted to kill him--no, his intent was to divert the cero. Why?

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