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The Ashes...Quincyfied!!

I really enjoyed 353. However, like lots of you, I felt Ishida got the short end of the stick. (Yes, I agree Ulqui needed his moment, but that poor boy!) So, since I can't justify a new sketchbook without filling this one first, I'm re-drawing "The Ashes" to give our favorite Quincy the spotlight!

It's nowhere near finished, as I have a final tomorrow morning, but I should complete at least the artwork by Tuesday (before the spoilers come out and spoil my fun). I just wanted to see if the link to my facebook album works. My computer can't run photobucket--it freezes. Gosh, my computer doesn't like ANYTHING. The lettering is done in paint as my beast of a Windows '98 PC is very...behind the times.

Quincy Archer [STRIKE]Hates[/STRIKE] You [?]
Variation--Blind 2 Bleed

If this link doesn't roomie will just have to sacrifice her
nice, modern laptop for my convenience.

EDIT: My roomie's just gone for a walk with her special someone, so I've got a deviant art link set up!
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