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Spoilers for Bleach 353

Spoilers are out, kiddos. (I'm posting since Deb said she might be too busy to check.)

Standard disclaimer applies. These are early and we don't have any pics, so don't totally freak out yet, okay?

Here ya go:

ETA: Ann-Chan at BA translated the full spoiler text. Check it out below the cut.

The pulse cutting up the chaos is quickening...!!

beyond the light is....

ブリーチ353 The Ash

Kurosaki falls over.

Hime "Kurosaki-kun!! Kurosaki-kun!!"
Ulquiorra watches the scene

Ulq (thought) "Regenerating his arms and legs and body is just a farce. You can't bring back the organs that were blow away. If I hadn't ended it with that blow just now, I would be the one dying over there.

Light? falls down? on Kurosaki
Ishida "....the hole.... is closing...."
Ulq "Instant regeneration?!"
Hime "Kurosaki....kun....?"

Kurosaki gets up at once.
"I'm? Didn't I have a hole in my chest?"
Hime "Kurosaki-kun...."
Kurosaki "Inoue.... are you ok?"
Hime smiles.
Ichigo notices Ishida's state.
Ishida "You finally woke up...."
Kurosaki "Did I give you that wound?"

Ulq "He's a stubborn guy."
Ulq pulls out the sword Kurosaki stabbed him with from Ishida.
He throws the sword in front of Kurosaki.
Ulquiorra "Take it. End the fight."
Kurosaki "I stabbed Ishida?"
Ulquiorra "You didn't know?"
Kurosaki "I also cut off your left arm and left leg?"
Kurosaki "If so, cut off my left arm and left leg."
Hime "kurosaki-kun!!"
Kurosaki: The one you fought up till just now was a me with the hollowmask and without a consciousness.
That's not me. If you want me to end the fight, I'll have to be in the same state as you, else it's not fair right!"
Ishida "Kurosaki! Do you know what you're saying?"
Ulq "That's good, if that's your wish, so be it."

Ulq grows wings? "This far....kill me."
Kurosaki is surprised.
Ulq "Hurry up.... I don't have any strength left to walk... if you don't kill me now,
the fight will go on endlessly....
Kurosaki "....I refuse."
Ulq "what?"
Kurosaki "I'm saying I don't want to! This.... this isn't a win!!"

Ulq is surprised.
Ulq "Tch.... you're the kind of guy who does whatever he likes..... up until the end...."
Ulq looks at Hime.
Ulq "Though I was finally starting to develop some interest in you guys."
Hime has a bewildered? facial expression.
Ulq reaches out his hand "....Am I frightening, woman?"
Hime with a sad face "You're not."
Ulq "Is that so."
Hime starts reaching out her hand
and Ulq disappears in a rustling motion, like sand.

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