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Bleach love

Before we have another weekly Wednesday freak-out, I was thinking that maybe we could focus on all the things we love about Bleach. It really is an awesome series with so many wonderful points. Here are some things that I love about Bleach:

1. Tons of wonderful character- Bleach has a huge cast but KT manages to make the majority of his characters interesting and at least reasonably fleshed out. Even side characters and villains are given believable motivations and back stories. To me this is great because, even when a chapter mainly focuses on a plot I'm not super-interested in, there is always some character moment that brings it for me.

2. Pretty art- Each week, it's so pretty. I'm neither an artist nor particularly knowledgeable about techniques but I find myself looking back over chapters just to see details that I missed the first time around. I even find myself saying things like, "The way he framed this panel..." or "The shading here..." because even my uneducated eye can see something important in it.

3. Interesting Story- This is the manga that got my sister back into manga because she loved the story so much. Each week, I'm glued to my computer and am left wanting more. The only other manga that does that to me right now is FMA.

4. My nieces like it too. ^__^ Today, I was over watching the DVD with the Hollow-bait storyline and they were telling me all about it and who their favorite characters were. (BTW, the 3 year-old's is Orihime and the 8 year-old's is Kon.)

So, what do you love about Bleach?
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