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What a week to be a Bleach Fan: ModPost, Comics, Fanart, Contest Reminder, Etc.

See my new icon? Thanks, S.A. It's the Bleach Fandom Freak-out face according to Ishida!

Moderator's note--
This community has sure grown from my own little fic and fanblogging journal to a real lively bleachness place. I encourage everyone to make posts that reach out to the broader fan community but do consider whether a post would be more appropriate to your own journal before posting here. So far everyone's been fiiiiiine... it's just that after over 1000 comments in the community this week
I had the little panicky thought that I might not be able to keep up, especially if the comm goes ballistic while I'm offline. Sooo, guys, I know these are exciting Bleach times--I'm trusting everyone to behave themselves! ^_^

Have some KawaiiS doodles!

Everyone who's been a sweetheart and sending me care packages, I appreciate them more than you know. I am full of love and appreciation for the chocolates <3 and especially for the gifts for my daughter who has been ill. Today Marley sent me some DBZ stuff and these two Ishida and Orihime cards and Hello Kitty Pocky for Sophie. I was really touched and happy to be part of fandom today. I really do love all you guys. <3

So that was for the IshiHime shipper in me. For the ICHIGO AND ISHIDA shipper in me, Blast gave me a present with a beautiful new drawing on their site this week! Wow, have you seen? It's here. IchiIshi... worksafe.

And UlquiHime art is always so gorgeous. I really loved this piece this week by sideburn004. You can fave it on Deviant Art here.

Finally, a reminder about the

There's a poll about contest prizes for it and future contests here
Okay, Bleach fans... hold onto your horses. Okay, Ichigo... whether you're the King or the Horse, we love you....we can't wait to see what happens next.

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