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Choices, choices....Is he or isn't he...

So, I've got a medium-length (10-15 thousand wds) story in the works with two clear parts so far and I'm wondering how to post. Not specifically asking about my stories here, but I'd like to know how people like their Bleach fanfic served. Just curious

Poll #944586 How do you like your Bleach fanfic portioned?

How do you like your Bleach fanfic portioned?

every few days
once a week--like Kubo-san!
I want the whole story all at once
Whatever, not picky
I don't read long pieces

It's Kaien dono, I'm sure of it. Kubo gave us a logical puzzle on two pages--if he's lying, why would he ask me to get away from the sun, if he's lying about one thing is he lying about everything? There's no clear answer to the puzzle but with the possibilities being only two, I'm going to go with my gut and say it's Kaien.  Some irrational reasons I believe this: People want it to be Kaien. (Well, not Rukia--she's grossed out!) Kubo invested some love in the character and made him adorably funny (sometimes the funny die--Look at Dordoni!) It would be such a woo lot of angst if this guy was REALLY Kaien (look, Rukia's not freaking with angst during this fight--my gutsy little girl! I got tears in my eyes reading the scan today when she said "Remember the other Kaien-dono" Aye--lmost cried again typing this!) I think there needs to be a bit more angst., because as we all know, our souls are due a good spring cleaning.

Anyway, best fight I've seen in a while. I was so happy. It was so emotional and creepy it reminded me of the Mayuri/Ishida battle....

As for the anime-- the last fight was pretty good. I loved it when Ichigo screamed "RUKIAAAAA" (he's such a screamer). The dub I keep missing but I know I couldn't take it anyway. I'll pick it up again when the Ikkaku, Kenpachi, Mayuri fights come up. I want to see what they do with the tension in the acting. Most dubs sound like "howdy partner" when it comes to action scenes that are so emotional in Japanese.

Remind me to ignore Aiddon Valentine's posts. I'm PMSing. All the real lunatics have been banned off forums but AV isn't a lunatic--he's just annoying. And I answered a post of his trying not to hurt his feelings when he ALL the time discounts everyone's. New mantra: don't play with certain kids, they're bad for you.
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