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About Orihime... random babbling

I was wondering if Kubo-sensei has a vendetta with that girl. From the beginning everyone have been wondering what she was doing here. Is he making us hating her on purpose? why?
She's not exactly the heroic heroine. Kubo described her as nearly useless and just as clumsy and idiotic.  And in the last chapter he explicitly said (well Orihime said) that it was HER fault if Kurosaki became (I love Nehalenia's nickname!)  Hornosaki.
I'm kinda sad for her really, now every bleach fan will hate her (even more!)

I'm not a fan of her character but you got to admit that her description was never very flattering ( clumsy, big-breasted, eating weird thing, useless in fights, too gentle...etc)

She did save Tatsuki life from a hollow, she do heal people. But it not enough when your surrounded by Shinigami, Quincy and others.

She did so many things wrong. 
In the SS arc, what did she did exactly, asides from ride Kenpachi's back with Yachiru).
Urahara warned her that she wasn't a fighter. And she didn't listened. She's endangering her team mates above it all.

In the Hueco Mundo arc, She healed the enemy. I'm not talking about when she threatened by Aizen  or Tousen, I talking about this chapter where she heal the two females arrancar who were bullying her and that Grimmjow lethally injured. Why did she do that? Hello, it's a war there,  it actually good to have less enemies on the other side. She's too soft, and she can't leave anyone dying in front of her. I know it very noble from her but it still a war.

I won't talk about her going WILLINGLY to the Hueco mundo since Aizen is a master of manipulation. I'm pretty sure that if he wanted Ishida to go, he would have found a way. 

Then, when Aizen showed her th Hougyoku. I think the hougyoku was very damaged because Aizen was using it before it was ready. Aizen wanted her to reject the existence of the hogyoku to bring it back to it original state.
The girl was actually going to do  it but something stopped her ( do you have any idea, because I don't remember what it was?)

Anyway,  I'm under the impression that this girl will be executed or severely punished by the seireitei. This battle is actually happening because of her. And it costing them a lot ( Hang on Matsumoto, cling to life!! Save Her Izuru)
I don't think they let her just like that go after. I'm wondering how they'll punish her...

Like everyone I'm dying to know what will happen to them all; I was so shocked to see Ulqui's state I after th cero blast. And Ishida? Why does that girl save him, she didn't even give his arms back...

Maybe she's just too Human, and/or she doesn't want to let got of a part of her humanity ( She's was utterly horrified when she saw Ichigo in Vizard mode. If it hadn't been for Nel , she would have stayed petrified...). If that's her problem, then she really doesn't have her place among them. I'm not saying that the Chad , Ishida and kurosaki are inhuman, just that they are ready to make sacrifice even if it a part of their humanity.

 Edit: I'm sorry if some of you are offended I guess I was kind of frustrated. I don't mean to bash her. I just want to point her mistakes. I sincerely wish,  Kubo pull her out of her typical girl-in-shonen character.
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