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352 continued... meta, fanart, links

I take megatons preventative medications for migraines and hadn't gotten one in months but yesterday evening one zapped me behind my left eye and, like a cero, caused enough disintegration to debilitate me but not to take me down. I'm not going to blame the Bleach fandom for bringing on the migraine but I was reading the most unbelievable posts in the chapter thread at BA when the pain hit. I hear there's been bannings and/or appropriate censures and I know some friends who swore off forums but I don't know why--all I know is that morality issues not unlike the ones concerning Middle East politics (which my lively argumentative family would determine wedding list invitations over)aggravated by shipping issues (ah, love impassions all)were causing brawls.

Oh, thank you Kubo-sensei for writing such a wonderful chapter that riled up all your fans. YOU HIT US WHERE IT HURTS, BABY.

You guys know me--I've said it time and time again that character bashing makes me laugh, and I wish I had a nickle for every time someone tried to bait me by calling Ishida a pansy. The recent fandom arguments that were calling Ishida a "traitor" "coward" and an "idiot" for not letting Kurosaki finish off Ulquiorra were creeping me out though. Likewise with comments made, jokingly or not, about the bond between Orihime and Ichigo being some sort of admirable love in the sense that it is "A Love So Strong It Kills Our Friends." Creeeeepy.

Kids today. *Shakes head*

Have some funnies.

A new OT3 emerging from recent chapters is UlquiIshiHime. Here's KawaiiS' take.


And Peachie did the most hilarious drawing based on what many people have observed about the last panel in last week's chapter.

Fave the work here at Deviant Art and see the references


Some LJ recs for more reading about 352:
Rebecca wrote beautiful fic again here
Jenni wrote happy meta and did a dance of TOLD YA SO with me here
Balladbird, our fandom Ulquiorra expert, has an LJ now and his most recent review is here
Interesting argument but creeps me out: His humanity on a silver platter for her
and my one comment in the Bleach Asylum chapter thread, lol
Make that two--I couldn't help myself, OMG but people were being INSANE, LOL Quote: Originally Posted by Eve V @ A Ichigo's actions are not to be criticized. They are morally wrong, but this is a story. In stories, wrong actions shouldn't be criticized. Aalicia, do you get what I am saying? You cannot criticize the actions of a fictional character. Their actions are written by the author to further the story. It is extremely juvenile and foolish to be disappointed in a fictional character's actions. The story is meant for enjoyment. You cannot take it so seriously, so that you act like Ichigo is a real person who is doing wrong. It's part of a story. Kubo wrote Ichigo like this so that we would be able to enjoy the story. Not so that we would criticize his morally wrong actions. You can criticize a person's morally wrong actions. But a character is different. Characters are not obliged to be attached to the moral code. A story would be boring with good-good and bad-bad characters. Story depth is brought out by the non-adherence to the moral code by characters. Can I get my point across? You got your point across and it's a contradicting one. By your definition, one should not enjoy stories either because that constitutes "an extremely juvenile and foolish response" to fiction. The idea that you are scolding readers for taking Bleach too seriously I can understand, but your argument that one shouldn't criticize a character is empty--a character is an abstract construct and can be criticized or lauded or analyzed in any way. As for juvenile reactions to a story, Bleach is a fighting shounen manga written for juveniles. It is juvenile fiction--that doesn't mean that it isn't intended (as Kubo himself has said) to be appreciated by people of all ages, and certainly people are entitled to their reactions on all points of the human emotional spectrum to it, as they are to all art. What they do with those responses, of course, constitutes their moral code or basic humanity. If I were to start sending anonymous emails threatening physical violence against a reader of Bleach for disagreeing with me (this has been done to me--honesly, fandom can be wacko), then that's a trespass. A MORAL one, somewhat like what Ichigo, the abstract construct in Bleach did when he stabbed his black and white-rendered friend with a two-dimensional drawn by an artist sword, but WORSE because it involves humans. Telling humans, i.e. Bleach fans, how to feel in response to a story, strikes me as crossing the line here. You, Eve, do not have this authority.
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