Kit-chan (chiave_trust) wrote in bleachness,

[FIC] Despair

Title: Triptych of Despair
Author: Kit
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Orihime; Ishida; Ulquiorra


"All shall look upon me and despair."


Kurosaki Ichigo was... something. She knew not what - she did not see what was left of the Ichigo she knew.

Kurosaki-kun... youlooklikeamonsterfromouterspaceohmygodwhatarewegoingtodonow? What were they going to do?

What now, now that Kurosaki-kun was like - like something that could only be described as this, not even a proper name for it. Not hollow. Not a shinigami either.

And, she shuddered to think, not quite human.

He could destroy them all.

What was she going to do?

Ishida Uryuu stood by Orihime, stood by the princess, and the princess did not notice him.

She only had eyes for her prince.

And the hollow with the majestic wings - the one struggling against the beast - the marks on his face looked like tears.

As if there was something he did not want to leave behind. Dying quickly would be a mercy rather than to cry, rather than to have the marks on his face serve as marking posts for a trail of tears.

The hollow smiled, just barely. This whole match... and there had been nothing in it except despair. He would have felt oddly accomplished.

But he knew the rules. The strongest won. The strongest won everything.

His eyes saw the princess, and he wished for death.
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