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Poll for Prizes! Bleachness' Food and Love Art Contest!

I'm rushing out to go to lunch with a friend while fangasming over the Bleach latest Manga spoilers just like the rest of you, but fear not! To try and deter you from overly-crazy-spoiled filled thoughts,   debbiechan and I have decided to administer a poll to see just exactly what you lovely participants in this upcoming contest are looking to recieve!

We want to know what pleases you-prize wise (don't get too naughty there fellow bleach fans although the option for nearly naked bleach girls on mouse pads is there for all =P )

So, as I do this all rush like, I'll just put a damn poll down here now, so be sure to vote! Even if you aren't planing on participating in this contest, you may want to in future contest so items and prizes left over or the idea that people want certain gifts as opposed to others will definitely come up again!

Poll #1371848 Food and Love Contest Prizes

Would you like cute plushies of your fave Bleach characters?

Hellz yeah! So I could cuddle with them!
Naahhh, I have too many soft stuff already
I'm either or, I mean, they are cute, but it would probably sit on a shelf somewhere

Do you prefer juicy doujinshi?

Yup! I love seeing my characters all smexy like
No, they hurt my virgin eyes, kthx.
As long as it's in English! I'm cool with it!

Keychains? Phone Straps? How do you feel about them?

I play with them while i'm bored so it's good to have around!
They're cuuuute.
A waste of money.

Mouse pads, Pillows, other merch with characters in it?

All are cool items to have, I'd love anything!
As long as it has a sexy character on it, showing some skin!
Not really my thing =/

Which character would you most prefer to have Merchandise of?

As a main prize, what would YOU like to receive?

I'd use an LJ cut, but I think seeing the poll right away would get more users to actually participate =P

Love ya all!~ 

Edit: I totally took the poll first, just to try it out. It work and it's good, yay!! Now, Enjoy. 

Edit, again: I don't know when to close the polls... suggestions? Leave love!

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