_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Second 350 Spoiler Thread....

BA is down for now, exploded from fan craziness and curiosity no doubt but if you want the latest spoilers and somewhere to speculate go to the animesuki thread here or to the Capslock_bleach thread about the spoiler (although I think there are folks freaking out there on freak-out Wednesday too--like, seriously, this fandom needs to CHILL! XD It's only a manga! And the story's just getting started, folks! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

The previous bleachness post went over 50, 100, 150 posts in a snap and LJ formatting makes it hard to follow the comments so I thought I'd start another post about the lastest.

Squee and bitch and speculate here. Me? I'm grinning ear to ear.

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