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First 350 "fake spoiler"

Well, not really a fake spoiler. This is something from a guy on 2ch who draws a "spoiler" every week and well, we all know it's not Kubo-sensei, LOL.

Thanks Syn for the pic. She's going through 2ch now and telling me they went through four versions of a Bleach thread last week--haha, talked up the chapter just like us.

As I was saying in the last post, I was rereading "No Shaking Throne" and anticipating Hollow!Ichigo so much. I was remembering what one of those fodder!Hollow told Ishida about Hollow being BORN IN FEAR and wondering if Orihime's desperation contributed to this new desperate form--I really can't believe that it's a savior rising. It's a monster. In any event, I love being scared! I know Ichi will gain control eventually!
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