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Annie's spoiler summary 349 The Lust 3 (IT'S HERE!)

I feel like such an important fangirl this morning! ^^ I'm babysitting the Thai site where Annie gets her spoiler summaries so I can PM them to her when they come out. She's not at a comp so be patient--she'll get the summary posted on Bleach Asylum as soon as she can. I don't know about you guys but the part I'm most curious about is

(because I'm so Ishida-centric and because, aaaaah, the visual, the visual!) WHAT IS THE "WHITE RAIN" technique that Ishida uses against Ulquiorra the crier of black rain? LOL, isn't White Rain the brand name of a hairspray? Oh my fangirl wish of two years---Ishida against Ulquiorra. From the spoiler pix, we know the gory ending, but still! Oh, so brave! I love you Ishida! Thank you Kubo-sensei!

ETA: and Annie has posted at BA--here is the whole text in case BA crashes from all the excitement. Don't give Annie any shit for this translation--she did it without a computer! She's awesome! And so is this chapter!

from Annie:

Bleach 349 : The Lust 3

Continues from the last chapter, after Ulquiorra fired a cero through Ichigo's chest he drops Ichigo down which Orihime dashes out and calls her shield to catch Ichigo before he smash on the ground. After that she runs toward him but Ulquiorra comes right in front of her.

"It's useless. You cannot bring him back with your powers." Says Ulquiorra. However, Ishida appears above Ulquiorra and fires an arrow at him. Ulquiorra uses his wing to block it. He looks at Ishida who is waiting for Orihime to get out of the way. Once she is out Ishida uses Licht Regen (Rain of Light) at Ulquiorra. He's attacked by thousands of light arrows.

However, once it's over a completely unharmed Ulquiorra comments, "How unexpected. I thought you were the calmest one out of all Kurosaki Ichigo's friends."

"I am the calmest. That's why I have advantage in fighting you."

A scene cuts to Orihime who is freaking out and starts to heal Ichigo even before she reach him. But once she see a wide eyed unrespond Ichigo with blood pouring out of his chest she starts crying, her hands against her head, "What should I do?" She thought, "I avoided eyes contect because I believed Kurosaki kun would be alright. Because I believed Kurosaki kun would definitely win..." "What should I do" ( repeat x 10)

The noise snaps Orihime to reality and she sees Ishida on his knee and lost his left arm. She screams but Ishida tells her not to worry because he has injected a styptic then tells her to take care of Kurosaki. After he said that he dashes out to Ulquiorra but he uses his tail to hit Ishida and he rolls on the ground. Orihime calls out her sheild to help Ishida but Ulquiorra still uses his tail to break it.

Upon seeing this makes Orihime panic even more, "I don't know what to do anymore. I don't understand anything anymore."
"Kurosaki kun." (x 10)


After Orihime's scream, it shows Ichigo's hair grows longer and his left hand

And haha, I haven't even had time to read every response to the last spoiler post. There hasn't really been an epic chapter to top chapter 150 of Bleach yet--wonder if chapter 350 is going to push the envelope?
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