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While we wait for the fake spoilers ^______^

I have some goodies to pass the time while we wait for the inevitable fake spoilers that are going to raise their misshapen heads within the next few hours to try to spook us. I love fake spoilers. They're an art form of their own. I hate being gotten but I love good fakes and I love the game.

Below the cut, you'll find two Renji and Ishi voodoo dolls (that are supposedly official Bleach merchandise) that came from Hong Kong to my mailbox yesterday (and were quickly appropriated by my daughter!), a pic of what I think is amazingly groovy IchiRuki wrapping paper, a new Bleach Nintendo game, a funny fanart, a couple thought-provoking links and my own predictions, for the record, of what's going to go down in Bleach. *Hunches down low while opinions fly*

This fanart is cute (clickie link to go to Deviant Art).

But my little guys below are cuuuuuter. I bought them on E-bay. They come with little suction cups that give me perverted ideas but Sophie figured out that what you were supposed to do with the suction cups was lick em and make your voodoo dolls stick to the refrigerator.... then watch them slide down slowly....

Someone named ~R*e`N*O~ found this in Japan... I think it's the most adorable stuff--allow me to fangirly flail over it--ICHIRUKI WRAPPING PAPER!

Oh there's a new game out for Nintendo and looky! This is some nice promotional cover art:

Also, wandering around BA, I found an interesting post by ~R*e`N*O~ about symbols Kubo uses in Bleach
and the follow up" post by Syn. Got me to thinking about the Royal Family again and if anyone is Royal Family, it's ... well, Ichigo. "The King." Not Hime, not Rukia...

Ah, online with Syn and Neosapien moments ago, and I said that most definitively Ichigo has to gain control of his inner Hollow to defeat Ulquiorra at last--it's the shounen way. This has to happen. But the ride there is going to be full of twists and turns.

I don't think Orihime will be able to heal Ichigo this time. She had trouble with Ulquiorra's dense reiatsu before and it would be really nerve-wracking to Hime and to all of Bleach's audience if she couldn't pull off a save this time.

Is Ulqui going to fling Ichigo's lifeless body at her feet?

That's what I'm calling.

ARGH. So nervous.

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