nehalenia (nehalenia) wrote in bleachness,

Go check out this Awesome Fic!!!!

Deb, I hope you don't mind me hijacking the comm for this, but I think when you read this fic, you won't mind. ;-)

So, has anyone else ever noticed how much Uryuu resembles the Vaizard Lisa? This story here -- -- is an incredibly well-written and highly unexpected take on that. (Well, at least I sure didn't expect it!) The writing in this is impressive. I'll warn you that it's not written in chronological order -- it took me a bit to figure that out -- but it works really well. It's a short read, but wonderful even so. I'd call it PG-15 to maybe R rated for slight smexing. I won't tell you the pairing, because that would totally give it away. This is one of those great stories that fills in gaps in canon in an amazingly plausible way.

If you're an Uryuu fan, or you just enjoy good writing, you must check this out. Neha sez so! :D

ETA: Forgot to mention -- the fic is "Summer Storms" by ohcapri. If you check out the fic, leave her some feedback! (Maybe she'll write more!)
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