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Things to look forward to, Ulquiorra Fanart, Contest poll

A couple bleachy things to look forward to. The Mayuri and Nemu Bleach Beat session is coming out on the 18th of this month. Should be some interesting music at the very least.

Someone reminded me that America's Shounen Jump had an event whereby readers in America could send question by e-mail to Oda, Kishimoto, and Kubo at Jump Festa held in Tokyo last December. We should have the answers to those questions in a Jump issue soon.

Oh the art is happening! LB7-sensei did a sexy one, and Hidroco started a cosplay already with some digital ideas and DCB has a lovely Ulqui Hime in progess:

Ulquiorra Murcielago - color by *lookingback7

power and shattered glass by *gabrielmanga

Ulquiorra Demon by ~Toximancy

Where is the love? by ~blood-pleasures

Dispair with me WIP by *DaRkCoUnTeSsB

But Batman Has No Limits by ~Jerrre

I can't wait to see the cosplays!

Also, I'm getting stuffs together for the next bleachness contest and wanted some feedback.

Poll #1361594 When should the next bleachness ART contest deadline be?

When should the next bleachness ART contest deadline be?

make it Tanabata--JULY 7
June 1 is good enough--enough people will be done with school
The above dates are way too late! May 15! When some people have Final exams!
I have all the time in the world to draw and I want prizes! Make it sooooon
TWO LAST LINKS. Jenni's take, interesting as always, on chapter 348   and  A lot of Ulquiorra meta at Misora's LJ
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