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348 "The Lust 2" Annie's Spoiler Summary

Annie got her summary spoiler of the chapter up and maybe you caught it before BA went down. BA is currently switching servers and you may not be able to log on unless you're a member, so find Annie's summary below the cut. Thank you so much Annie. We love you.

Bleach 348: The Lust 2

Continues from the last chapter. Upon seeing Ulquiorra's new form Ichigo is stunt. Now Ulquiorra's lower body is covered with something similar to black fur (use your own judgement when the scan is out), his bare feets have claws similar to the eagle's and his black tail is twice as long as his body.

A scence cuts Ishida and Orihime who are on their way up to where the fight is. Suddenly they both sense such a strong reiatsu. Ishida thinks not only the reiatsu is powerful but also thick and dark as if there's an ocean being placed up there in the sky. He then hurries up trying to get there sooner.

A scene cuts back to Ulquiorra who is telling Ichigo this is a ressureccion segunda etapa which only he out of all the espadas has. And that even Aizen has never seen this form of his. However, instead of getting scare Ichigo is at the fighting pose ready to fight Ulquiorra again. His fearless expression amazes Ulquiorra. But then he notices Ichigo's sword is shaking even if it's just a little bit so he thinks,

"He is not that crazy to be fearless...but that are the eyes of those who's not willing to die. Even right now he thinks he could win."

"Fine. Even if you are all crushed and gone I will make you understand it."

Then he attacked Ichigo causing him to hit the tower. Ulquiorra follows and grabs his face but once Ichigo uses his sword to defend himself, a tail wipes another side of his face. Ichigo calls out his mask but couldn't do much anyway.

"Even with an enemy you fear his powers and know the difference, you still dare to fight him. This is beyond my understanding." Say Ulquiorra then kicks Ichigo again causing him to clash another tower.

"If this is a thing you called a heart. Then a reason you humans are hurt is because of it. Because you humans have the hearts that's why you all will die here."

After a short silence, Ichigo replies, "Who said I fight because I want to win? I fight because I have to win!" Then he tries to stand in a fighting pose. They stare at each other then Ulquiorra says,

"What a fool."

Orihime finally arrived at the top of the dome. She is worried upon unable to sense Ichigo's reiatsu. However, what she see causes her to shock. Ulquiorra's using his tail to hold a limp Ichigo by his neck (he passed out). Ulquiorra notices Orihime so he turns to her and says, "Here you are, woman. Good, now watch the moment the man you place all your hopes in die." With that he points his finger at Ichigo.

"Don't!!!" Screams Orihime but it doesn't stop a cero from causing a big hole in Ichigo's chest.

I'm loving this chapter. Ulquiorra's all about getting the reaction of despair. He wasn't going to kill Ichigo until Orihime showed up, then awwwww, looky, HE GAVE HER A WHITE DAY PRESENT. :LMAO. He killed Ichigo for her.

I wonder if he'll get the reaction he wanted. Ishida's foreboding tells me he will but hopefully not for long. The next chapter should be LARGELY ULQUIHIME since that heart discussion belongs to them--they've owned it from the beginning (but Ishida is still there so I'm still hoping my two hot dudes will fight--the white angel against the black demon- yessssssssss).

And I love the idea of a tail--I've found men with tails totally hawt since DBZ and Saiyajin.
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