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Blah blah more on Ishida's foreboding, Ulqui fanart, Hime cosplay

A babbling sort of entry ....
First, a quick contest prize update. I've sent out all prize packages for the bleachness birthdays (november!) contest except ones to vayshti and annieroo2 because I'm still waiting on their prizes from Japan. <.< I just wrapped up a pretty little LoveDrop doujin for the winner of the Valentine's graphics competition in the IchiRuki FC at BA (Winner, why art thou in Malaysia? I'm scared to send a package to Malaysia! I've lost one there before! I'm sending this one registered with holy water sprinkled on it!). Please let me know if and when you get your packages safely if you haven't already.

And I just noticed from an old post that I'd promised a Valentine's contest here--well, I have a plot in the works for a very special all-inclusive Bleach pairings ART CONTEST later this spring so stay tuned. Prizes will be delish. As in edible. As in the theme is love and food... eh, I'll explain more later.

Has everyone calmed down yet or are we still worrying that Orihime is going to die or be horribly wounded soon? Honestly, I've been in agony for my favorite female character ever since she was scooped up by Aizen's forces. I remember the jokes in 2006 about her cooking bad food for the Espada and annoying the hell out of her captors; I really didn't expect such a grim, sad period of confinement for Orihime. I'm nervous as to how low Kubo-sensei can take her, but I've been waiting for character development so my teeth are gritted and I'm holding on to my seat. As usual, some of the best Orihime speculation comes from people who don't really like her character (most of my friends, haha). I enjoyed the comments to metaphore_art's 347 post And for a bigtime IshiHime shipper, I'm hopelessly addicted to UlquiHime speculations--the UlquiHime FC at BA and the 347 post at the UlquiHime community here on LJ got my attention this week as well.

LB7-sensei's art of Ulquiorra colored is my favorite so far of his first transformation. I'm waiting for the arts of his second, that sexy beast look. Dying to know if he materializes or if he's going to be wafting around in a cloud of black angst from the waist down for the rest of the battle.

Oh, my darling antoinetteiv , the cosplayer who impressed Kubo at SDCC with her Orihime so much that he drew this pic of her, did a few fanservice pics just for me (and Kubo ^^) recently.Here's my favorite one. I hope we see this playful Hime in the manga again soon.

Have I linked enough stuff? RL has been keeping me from writing and drawing much lately but my fangirl brain is seething with ideas I hope I can bring to you eventually. I have so much stuff to finish. Next break I get, I'll either fly to the Bahamas and be entertained nightly by a dozen cabana boys or ... I'll finish up some fandom projects.

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