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"Outside," NC 17 yaoi, PWP IchiIshi

Tis the season for PWPs. More coming soon.

Description: NC17, IchiIshi. PWP. Spontaneity is the issue here, and Ishida’s got something to prove. Written for the March/April Calendar fanfic challenge at IchiIshi on Live Journal

Warnings: Fluffy, puffy, sweet boysex, PWPish skimmable graphic details.

by debbiechan

Disclaimer: These boys aren’t mine; Kubo Tite invented them. I’m just infatuated with them of late and want to roll them around together in my palms.

Description: NC17, IchiIshi. PWP. Spontaneity is the issue here, and Ishida’s got something to prove. Written for the March/April Calendar fanfic challenge at the Live Journal IchiIshi Comm.

Warnings: Fluffy, puffy, sweet boysex, PWPish skimmable graphic details.

Hanakotoba is the Japanese language of flowers. Different blossoms represent different feelings and intentions.

1. red tulips ~ pride

“Face it, Uryuu, you’re just not an impulsive person.”

“And this is a bad thing?” Ishida could deadpan even a sexy whisper.

“In fighting, maybe not.”

“And what’s THAT supposed to mean?” The whisper took on an indignant tone. “What are you implying, Kurosaki?”

The boys faced one another in Ishida’s bed. The narrow space required them to lie legs tangled and chests almost pressing, to speak in whispers that stirred the hairs near their ears.

“I wasn’t implying anything. You know I never imply--I say things right out.”

“You just now implied something right out. In what situation, exactly, is un-spontaneity a bad thing?”


“Anyone who acts a second after you do isn’t necessarily a slowpoke. You--you never think before you act!”

The same old same old. Ichigo puzzled by Ishida’s deliberating and planning. Ishida appalled by Ichigo’s headfirst foolhardiness. Usually, the boys allowed themselves to ride the slow current towards the inevitable bickering, but this time Ishida seemed more offended than annoyed. Ichigo sensed a geyser about to blow.

“I wasn’t saying impulsive is the only way to be,” Ichigo went on. “Just that sometimes I get frustrated waiting for you to make up your mind.”

Ishida rose on one elbow. “Are you talking about sex? Are you saying that I take my time with sex? That I’m predictable? You want spontaneity? I’ll give you spontaneity--”

“Woah, I just meant--”

“Let’s go fuck outside.”

Ichigo tensed. The Quincy was serious.

“We’ve never done it on the lawn.” Ishida’s words were clipped, challenging. “How about on the apartment porchsteps?”

“You mean--right outside this building?”

It was very early morning and full-blown spring. The breeze from the open window was honeysuckle-scented and inviting. It was the season when flower posters decorated the train stations, when beer cans turned pink and people wore sakura-colored sunglasses. It was hanami time, when singing and foolishness celebrated the transitory nature of youth and love.

“Right now,” said Ishida in a voice that was no longer a whisper. “This instant. Or you’re not a spontaneous lover, are you?”

“But--but--” Ichigo was already blushing at the thrill of it.

The sight of pink ears under orange hair made Ishida think of peach blossoms on the tree across the street. It was gratifying how nervous Ichigo was being about this. Ishida was resolute, not afraid. It was Saturday and no schoolkids would be on the sidewalks this early. Chances were … fair to good that no one would pass by.

Ishida stood up. He yanked off the sheet sticking to his sweaty thigh and glared at Ichigo.

Damn he’s pretty when he’s mad. Ishida’s bluish white nakedness didn’t make Ichigo think of flowers or anything else sweet and romantic. Ichigo saw himself throwing that lean smooth torso against the ground, chewing at the nipples, clawing the small muscled ass. Outside.

“Well?” Ishida put his hands on his hips.

Ichigo furrowed his eyebrows with deep seriousness. “Let’s go for it.”


Ishida could be spontaneous but not stupid. He grabbed the tube from the nightstand and hurried to the bathroom to fetch a towel. Ichigo smirked but didn’t say anything.

2. cactus flowers ~ lust

The first wash of fresh air was cooler than the breezes that had lifted the bedroom curtains. Ichigo shivered, and Ishida’s whiteness goosepimpled. The street was empty and gray, and in the distance, a few mercury lamps shone even though night was finished

There they were, standing on the porch with limp penises and hunched shoulders. The un-sexiness of the moment was a dare, a call to action.

“Uryuu you crazy impulsive thing you.”

Ichigo cupped Ishida’s face in his palms and kissed him hard. Ishida wasted no time grabbing Ichigo’s crotch. The feel of the coarse hairs there triggered the familiar heat, and Ishida sighed into Ichigo’s mouth.

Ishida had to admit it--the embarrassment factor made his heart pound.

“On the lawn.” Ichigo’s lips moved against Ishida’s. “Get on the lawn, Uryuu.”


Ishida hadn’t started moving when he felt himself being shoved. His hand dropped the tube and towel.

It would’ve been a hard landing except that Ichigo used his battle speed to throw himself under Ishida. Their bellies smacked. Ishida went uff.

“I’m going to take my time fucking you,” Ichigo said. “I’m going to fuck you slooowly.”

Even though the sun hadn’t risen and the dawnlight was vague, the outside brightness made the boys look different to one another. More naked and vulnerable. Ichigo could see Ishida’s bottom teeth as Ishida breathed through an open mouth. Ishida could see every one of the fine orange hairs on Ichigo’s chest.

“I dropped--I dropped the--” Ishida’s voice was panicky. Ichigo’s finger was already getting friendly with his ass and circling his hole. “The Y & K*….”

Ichigo stretched to grab the tube and popped the top off with one finger. As the tiny cap flew across the lawn, Ichigo imagined that losing the top in the grass was something only Ishida would worry about. He could already hear “Put the top back on, Kurosaki! Put the top back on or it’ll all dry up!”

Ishida Uryuu was so neurotic.

Yet here was Mr. Self-conscious, bare-assed naked on top of Ichigo for all the world to see (most of the world was asleep, though--Ichigo had figured that out by now). Uptight Ishida, who didn’t want people to know about the relationship, who was always blabbering on about privacy and decorum and respectful conduct--

Some strolling old couple and their dog might have simultaneous heart attacks, but hell, Inoue didn’t live too far away and she could heal them.

Ichigo squeezed the tube too hard and the cool slick lubricant gushed over his fingers. Too much. Ichigo wiped some off on the grass. “Ugh.”

“Don’t get earthworms up my ass.”

“Look.” Ichigo held up the generous blob on his palm. “It’s fine.”

“Alright.” said Ishida judiciously. “Get on with it.” His chest rose off Ichigo’s chest, his legs parted, and he held himself up with hands and knees.

Ichigo kneaded Ishida’s buttocks with one hand. The other lube-coated hand smeared its way towards the cleft and felt for the hole. Ichigo pressed three fingers inside at once and swept around. Ishida’s hips rose and his throat made raspy little noises. Ichigo teased with his knuckles, not pressing hard, not going deep. His fingers massaged in circles.

“Do you want me to make you scream?”

“I don’t think so, Kurosaki. We don’t want to get arrested.”

Another deep kiss. Ishida had never kissed anyone else but as far as he was concerned, only Ichigo knew how. The tongue plunged into Ishida’s mouth the way getsuga tenshou burned a moon-shaped crevice across the earth. Ichigo’s kiss was the only thing that ever made Ishida forget himself. The only time he felt humbled before instinct and power. Ishida’s Quincy skills (he believed) were far superior to Ichigo’s Shinigami ones, but when it came to human body against human body, Ichigo was stronger, faster, more aggressive. Try as he might, Ishida could never push past and away from Ichigo’s solid arms and powerful sensuality.

Ishida had so effectively forgotten himself in the midst of the wonderful kiss that he didn’t notice when Ichigo flipped him on his back. Then he felt the moist grass under his skin, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the sky.

Ishida tried to say something. The words hummed against Ichigo’s tongue.

Ichigo pulled his mouth away. “It smells good out here, Uryuu.” he mumbled. “It smells like spring.”

“That’s because it is spring.”

3. azaleas ~ patience

A kiss on the shoulder. One kiss on each hard nipple.  Lips glided down Ishida’s sternum. A tongue that felt especially hot against the cool dawn air circled his navel, and Ishida was surprised when it didn’t lick inside. Instead, right away there was deep, cruel sucking on the full length of his cock.


Ichigo had disliked the act the first time but it soon became his favorite--mostly because of the way it melted Ishida. The moment Ichigo swallowed that pulsing, most vulnerable part of Ishida, he felt a conquest. When Ichigo’s mouth nursed there, exerting a pressure hard and loose, hard and loose around Ishida’s cock, there was victory over each high and mighty Quincy word ever spoken. A nice hard blowjob was the only thing in the world that could make straight-spined dignified Ishida relax his whole body. Even more gratifying was when that body began to squirm. Even better than the squirming was when Ishida’s hips were bucking and smashing against Ichigo’s face.

“Ohhhh, Kurosaki.”

Ichigo held Ishida’s thighs still. Ishida’s hips rose and fell as his lower body fought the pleasure.

“Kurosaki,” Ishida breathed. He didn’t like it that he was a fool for the way Ichigo’s hard palate and soft tongue tortured his cock. Especially with little foreplay towards the area. He knew this tactic of Ichigo’s as well--to start with the strong stuff, drive Ishida crazy and then back away bit by bit, in perfect reversal of the usual sexual sequence of events--sucking cock, licking navel, pinching nipples, kissing mouth--until Ishida begged to be fucked.

It was too late to maneuver into another position. And Ishida was already begging. His voice more thin and strained with each repetition of Kurosaki…Kurosaki….

The sudden absence of the mouth was both a mercy and a torment.

“Come too fast and I’ll keep you out here until noon,” Ichigo spoke against Ishida’s belly. “I’ll fuck you in the shopping center parking lot.” Then he closed his lips around Ishida’s cock again.

Before Ishida closed his eyes, the sky was misty blue and tinged with pink. When he opened them again, it was bright blue and full morning.

He let out a soft moan. Hurry up, hurry up.

Ichigo didn’t care who saw at this point. Ishida’s torment was worth it. He allowed Ishida’s cock to slide out of his mouth and thought he heard a little whimper.

Ishida’s breaths came hard and deep when Ichigo sucked the inside of his thigh. The backwards game. Licking up the leg and past the hipbone, kisses around the abdomen, a swoop inside the bellybutton. Hot, heaving breaths against the ribs. Wet, slow kisses.

At the first gentle suck of a nipple, Ishida’s head turned from one side to the other. His long fingers scrambled for a handhold across the grass. Ichigo could feel Ishida’s hardness get even harder against his own cock. His lips tugged a bit more.

“Mmmmm.” Ishida’s arms went over his head. He was staring at the sky, and his blue eyes reflected small, random, thistle-shaped clouds. Low, quick-moving clouds--as if a storm was coming.

That would be beautiful, Ichigo thought. Rain. It would keep the people inside and it would feel so good.

Ishida was as cognizant as Ichigo was of the weather. Rain. Please rain. Ichigo held the pebbly tip of one nipple between his teeth and rolled the flesh back and forth. Please Kurosaki.

Ishida felt like he was going to fall into the sky. He shut his eyes. The vertigo and sexual frustration and the wet smell of foliage and Kurosaki’s wicked, wicked mouth forced him to whimper audibly this time. His hands clawed the grass over his head, tore the grass, dug into the dirt.

Ichigo pulled the nipple as far as it would stretch and let it pop back, raw and erect. He inhaled it again and rolled it more kindly inside his mouth while his fingernails pinched the other nipple.

In one sweep, Ishida’s legs wrapped around him. The knees pressed Ichigo’s sides. Ishida had opened his mouth and was panting, trying not to make noise. Eyes squeezed shut, he rubbed his cock at whatever flesh it could touch. He smashed his groin against Ichigo’s body.

4. orange lilies ~ rivalry

“Say it.”

There would be no contest this time.

“Fuck me…” Ishida made a hissing noise because Ichigo was grinding against him with impatience. He was running his hands up and down Ishida’s upper body.

Ishida could sometimes make begging sound like a command. “Fuck me,” he began again. He withheld the please to aggravate the moment.

Ishida waited a fraction of a second for Ichigo’s line and when it didn’t come, he opened his eyes. Ichigo was looking at him with red-faced anticipation. He looked red and peach and white in broad daylight. He was more tortured than Ishida was.

Bastard.  He can’t wait.

So Ishida spoke the words with suave satisfaction, even as his shoulders and chest heaved and his arms trembled. “Fuck me, Kurosaki.” A mocking tone, as if he wasn’t ready to beg for anything yet. “Please, Kurosaki, oh please will you take your mighty penis and--”

Ichigo’s kiss shut him up.

Ishida had meant to say something caustic, but now he was being kissed and he forgot himself. He remembered that he was a human, lying on the grass, only when he felt his thighs being lifted and pressed forward. He felt Ichigo position himself. He knew that it would be quite a while before the Shinigami’s stamina gave out, and remembered that this had all been his own idea. Please nobody come by. Nobody call the police. Please.

Ichigo wasn’t half as flexible as Ishida and would protest being bent in half, but Ishida had fallen into the position naturally from the first time on. He was graceful and beautiful and lithe and his long black hair was spread against the bright grass in a way that made Ichigo want to kiss him again. But he didn’t. He wanted to touch his face with lover-like tenderness, but the situation was urgent now. Maybe it was six a.m? Six-thirty? Dog walkers would be out soon.

Let’s get this over with.

Ichigo scooted Ishida a little higher, placed those long bare Quincy feet on his shoulders and thrust inside as easy as always. As Ichigo began to move, Ishida let out a soft coughing sigh. The lubricant had dried a little since it was applied and Ichigo felt some resistance. He made a mental note to buy the expensive stuff online.

5. edelweiss ~ power and strength

Birds. It was the first time Ichigo noticed their singing. Maybe they hadn’t been singing earlier. Maybe birds sang only when it was fully daytime. Ishida began to tremble in that way he did when he wanted to hold off coming. He was still holding his arms over his head and his fingers held patches of dirt and white grass roots.

“No, Uryuu.” Ichigo took Ishida’s wrists and brought his arms forward. “Hold onto me.”

Ishida put his fingers on Ichigo’s forearms.

He held on.

Ichigo fucked hard and steady, shoving Ishida’s body forward. Every few thrusts they were closer to the sidewalk. It was then that Ichigo noticed the tiny incline of the lawn and he planted his knees on the ground. He drew Ishida closer, lifting him off the grass. Ishida protested with a soft but unmistakable “ow” sound, and Ichigo laid him back down. He felt more embarrassed about nearly breaking his lover’s spine than he did about being outside.

“I just don’t want to roll into the street,” he said.

“It’s…better….” Ishida’s voice shook between breaths. “It’s… better… than… falling off the bed!”

They did that a lot. They fell off Ishida’s narrow bed. Ishida’s apartment was the only place they fucked--Ichigo’s family home being out of the question and neither of them having the money or romantic inclination to pay for a hotel weekend. Sometimes they got around the whole falling off the bed issue by starting their fucking on the floor. During training, Ichigo got sore feet and strained muscles and upper body cuts from Isshin’s zanpakutou. From erotic activities with Ishida, he got puffy lips, lower body hickeys, carpet burn and the occasional red tailbone from being fucked on kitchen tile.

It’s a good thing I’m young and strong and can leave this body behind when I turn Shinigami. I think Ishida’s wearing me out.

With that thought, Ichigo felt his limit approach sooner than expected. He readied himself for the current of feelings that would jostle his body, closed his eyes, and came.

Oh Uryuu.

The tide of wetness and warmth around Ichigo’s cock was nearly as good as orgasming. Ichigo didn’t want to pull out.

Later, Ishida might bring up the fact that he had lasted longer than Ichigo, but now he was shaky with need. His fingers dug into Ichigo’s forearms, and Ichigo was so sorry that he hadn’t worked the right angles and made Ishida come from being fucked and nothing else. That was the best. When Ichigo could actually fuck him into such a fit that even without his cock ever having been touched, Ishida would spurt….


6. pansies ~ I care for you

Ishida moaned and reached to finish himself, but Ichigo stopped him. “Let me.”

Ishida gave a soft grunt of approval, and still holding Ishida’s wrist, Ichigo sucked cock again.

First he grazed his lips against the dribbling underside, over the clean scent-less wetness of Ishida Uryuu. Then his tongue moved in languid laps around the head. His lovely Uryuu. The pinkness of his cock bright in the sunlight, the same color as some blurry bush across the street. Azaleas? Ishida knew the names of flowers; Ichigo didn’t.

Ichigo petted Ishida’s balls. He held the thick arousal in his mouth. Come. He pushed his face towards and away, towards and away. Come.

The sun was very bright. The clouds had blown away. It was Saturday and the neighborhood was quiet. Somebody come out and see my beautiful Uryuu. Just look how beautiful he is when he’s this far gone.

Ishida’s wrist shook in Ichigo’s hand and there was a soul-wrenching ahhhhh of expectancy; Ishida pushed himself deeper into Ichigo’s mouth, and then there was that salty flood over Ichigo’s tongue.

Birds singing and Ishida panting. Ichigo gave Ishida’s crotch a good-bye lick and his face moved to kiss Ishida’s face. Sweet kisses this time. Congratulatory kisses on cheeks and ears.

“You’re officially spontaneous now, Uryuu.”

“There’s something buzzing in my hair.”

Ichigo buried both hands in Ishida’s hair and brushed his fingers across the scalp. “No there isn’t.”

“There was.” Ishida’s voice sounded so tranquil just after sex.

No one was going to walk by. The boys knew that and both wanted to lie there in the sun and feel alive as the things crawling along the grass or singing in the trees, but that was crazy.

Ishida rose to a sitting position. “Where’s the towel?”

At that moment something blue fluttered by Ichigo’s head.

“Did you see that? It was so blue!” Ichigo looked around for the butterfly but it was gone.

“Goma-shijimi,” Ishida said. “Even the females are blue in the spring. Don’t tell me you never noticed them before.” He was wiping the inside of his thighs with the towel.

“I never noticed them before.” Ichigo squinted at the bright sky. “I never noticed a lot of things until you made me look.”

“Damn, that’s almost romantic.”

“It would be if you weren’t sprawled there cleaning your butt.”

7. violets ~ honesty

When the boys walked inside, both heads turned to read the clock. Ten minutes after six.

“It always seems like sex takes longer than it does,” Ichigo said.

“I’m never doing that again,” Ishida said. “If you hadn’t been in my asshole, something else would’ve crawled into it.”

“I love you too. Next time, let’s go camping. We can get sleeping bags and--”

“I don’t like camping.” Ishida was wandering back to the bedroom. “You’ve got grass stains on your knees, Kurosaki. Clean them off before you get on my sheets.”

Ishida dropped himself on the mattress, and Ichigo fell beside him. “You don’t really care about grass stains and you know it.”

“Mmm,” said Ishida contentedly. His arms wrapped around Ichigo, and Ichigo smiled. Ishida usually kept his feelings inside, and although Ichigo seemed to spill emotions all the time, he couldn’t express them well in words. Maybe it was a boy thing, but it was easier to keep quiet at certain moments. He nuzzled Ishida’s neck. This was one of those moments.

Every now and then their love for one another staggered outside the routine of snarkiness and sex and competition into the brilliant sunshine.

They hugged like brothers. They fell asleep in one another’s arms. The spring breezes lifted the curtains and the world smelled good.


 *Y & K is a K-Y type jelly sold in Hong Kong.

I've got so many little sex scenes to write and so little time this week. More to come. Kissy kissy, tis spring, spring!
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