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IshiHime colorings and Orihime question

There are some pretty, pretty colorings coming from this week's chapter.

from CrimsonQuincy:

from khyata

from bananakaya:

from kakemotoMegumi:

from La Kalaka:

from mezzo_marinaio

from dbnext

and vkikay did a wonderful wallpaper here.

Now another question I've been meaning to ask and this one speaks to the omg omg dare I say her sacred name controversial characterization of Inoue Orihime. It's no secret that a good lot of fandom is frustrated with the girl, has been for some time and continues to be. At the risk of being called "a not true Orihime fan" and a "biased shipper who only loves Orihime if she could change and love the one I prefer her with," I've argued that there may be reasons why the author wants us to question Orihime's motives, see her as a less than perfect--dare I say evolving coming-of-age young character, sympathize with her as a person with believable flaws. I've always thought that Orihime's imagination, likewise her capacity to love, was both her strong point and her greatest weakness. When she imagined Ichigo in puffy sleeves as a perfect prince and fangirled over his "beautiful landing" when he skidded awkwardly into the ground after the gang's escape from the dangai, her crush was being played as a likable joke. Later, after the five lifetimes speech, it was poignant and sympathetic, but the more Kurosaki-kuns came out of the girl's mouth and the more she seemed incapable of acting on the battlefield, the more fans began--either rightly or wrongly--to correlate her feelings for Ichigo with her emotional paralysis.

Is Kubo-sensei stalling Orihime's eventual (and we know it has to come folks--Tsubaki's appearance is as foretold as Shirosaki's) Great Moment on purpose or are we supposed to believe that she is all fine and dandy as she is? I for one can't believe that she's supposed to be fine, as most heroines in a black and white morality tale are supposed to be, representing pure good and truth and perfect shiny hair that bounces and never sticks up even in the most evil of Hueco Mundo winds.

Her not thanking Ishida-kun for saving her was such a moment. I know half of my friends wanted to slap her for that this week, but isn't it obvious Kubo was just playing the moment for all its poignancy of unrequietedness and calling attention to Orihime's obsession? The IchiOri shippers out there will disagree, I know, but among my coterie, there is still some debate as to whether Orihime has gone beyond redemption insofar as ignoring her friends. I don't think she's overlooked them terribly--I mean, I can understand wanting to say goodbye to the dude you're crushing on rather than your lifelong best friend even if it's a questionable choice. I can understand forgetting to thank a friend for saving your life when you're worried about your loveydove's, and these things don't make Orihime a bad person--just more of a real girl to me.

One friend of mine noticed something I didn't, though--and that was that the picture Kubo drew of Orihime this week still had that bruise on her cheek. This is a girl who can heal herself. Granted, events are happening quickly--she may not have had time to think of such a vain thing. Still, the picture is telling. My friend wrote, "Girl, you're killing me. I'm telling you this as a friend: Step. It. Up.

Ishida is looking as handsome as he has ever looked. And Orihime is looking like a battered wife. Once again a boy is looking at her and thinking she is okay when she is so clearly Not Okay; what's up with that? Do they really think that if her legs aren't broken then everything is hunky-dorey? I can't help thinking that if Rukia or Tatsuki were around, they'd be able to tell that something's wrong with Orihime."

I hope Orihime confides in Ishida. I want some internal monologue from her--we're overdue. I want to know what the hell is going on with her. Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, they've all dropped hints that something is terribly wrong. Is there? Is it psychological? Is it just a set of prisoner's cuffs? Was it that when she put on that damn dress something connected her to the Arrancar that let her see Aaroeniro's visions of a skewered Rukia and maybe will she have to change clothes (get to work sewing Ishida!) to get rid of that hold? Or is the grasp on her soul? Has Hueco Mundo really hurt our Hime? How much?

And how can Kubo save her in the eyes of her fans?
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