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346 The Wrath

The art is fucking beautiful.

Sleepyfans scan at OneManga right here

I just woke up and am all WAAAAAH over this chapter. I love it so.

OMG, the art is to die for. I'm swooning.

The chapter cover is one of my favorites ever with the creepy text and that ominous 4 over Ulqui's head. Ulqui's facing away seems to reinforce the definition of Wrath as "denial of truth."

We have fashion confirmation--Ulqui's outfit indeed has sleeves! Wrinkles were spotted!

The return of inner monologue to Bleach! Ichigo is thinking about his opponent! Ishida is thinking about (melt,melt,melt) ORIHIME! Ishida is so beautifully drawn in those few pages and the internal thoughts set off on a single panel are SO SHOUJO!

My IshiHime love went over the moon at the poignancy here. I made lots of blah blah in the previous post when the summary was out but I probably will exhaust myself further with the homegirls today.

Ulquiorra is chilling and there's not a page of him that I am not in love with. Meanwhile Ichigo's monster mask looks oddly vulnerable so I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Shirosaki to emerge. I'm not that scared of this big black cero because ceros tend to not kill people in Bleach but wouldn't it be awesome if this one rips off Ichigo's arm or something and we get to see him regenerate?


ETA: after browsing about fandom, I wrote the following at soul_society:

Short of a few IchiOri shippers I haven't come across anyone yet who hasn't wanted to slap Orihime or bonk her upside the head for ignoring Ishida like this. So I just think it's Kubo playing up the drama of unrequietedness---and maybe showing us the extent of Orihime's obsession.

My interpretation of course. Your Milage May Vary.

Tags: bleach manga, ichigo, ishida, ishihime, orihime, ulquiorra
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