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chapter 346 Summary translated by Annie

Annie annie08  gets her Thai summaries from Drake and translates them for BA, and lately she's been kind enough to give me heads up on pieces of a chapter narrative as she translates it. We had a lot of fun with this week's chapter. She's been celebrating a series of very important life events recently and had dinners to attend and managed to sneak away to do these Bleach summaries because she knew they'd make me happy, and I love her very much for indulging my craziness.

 From here

Bleach 346: The Wrath

Continues from the last chapter, Ichigo is shocked at how fast Ulquiorra is in his resurreccion form. “Once you transform into a hollow, the powers will increase so does the time to wear a mask. But,,,,to get destroyed this easily is such a shame.” Says Ulquiorra then he created another light sword and aims it at Ichigo.

A scene cuts to Ishida and Orihime. Ishida looks rather surprise over the sky for a while then turns around to Orihime who is staring intensely (but it wasn’t fear) at the sky as well. Ishida’s face soften and calls her. Orihime turns around looking surprised.

At first Ishida wanted to say, ‘I’m so glad you are ok.’ but he chose to keep it to himself. Instead, he smiles at Orihime and says, “It’s ok. Kurosaki won’t lose.” Upon hearing that Orihime’s concern/worried look disappeared. She nodded and smiles back at him. After seeing her smile, Ishida thinks, “The time I will say what I first intended to is when you have beaten that guy, Kurosaki.”

A scene returns to Ichigo and Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra’s sword hit Ichigo’s shoulder and he was about to fall off the dome. However, Ichigo manages to use his sword held onto the ground before falling off. Once he gains his balance Ichigo’s mask regenerated and he’s getting ready to fight again. Ulquiorra flies and comes face to face with Ichigo. Their swords clash then Ulquiorra says,

“Kurosaki Ichigo..use Getsuga.” Ichigo is stunt to hear that but Ulquiorra continues, “That is your strongest form, is it not? If Getsuga is your strongest attack, then use it to attack me. I will teach you the difference in our levels.” Upon hearing the challenge, Ichigo steps back and fires Getsuga Tenshou at Ulquiorra. However, it couldn’t even leave a scratch on Ulquiorra’s clothes. The worst part is he was simply floating and was’t in defensive mode. Ichigo could only mumble in disbelief how Ulquiorra is not harmed at all.

“Your kuroi Getsuga is a lot similar to our cero.” Says Ulquiorra.

“A cero? Don’t just assume something like that.”

“..Yes. You haven’t seen it. I will show you a cero of a released espada. A black cero.”

Ulquiorra’s finger is pointing at Ichigo, the black energy is swirling around it and he says,

“Cero Oscurus.”

And the black cero shoots right to Ichigo.ontents here.

Thank you Annie.


AHHHHH, Kubo you drama-monger! Two unrequieted loves in the same room.

This echoes Ishida's epiphany during the Byakuya battle when he wished for Ichigo's victory--the databook had Ishida next to a picture of Orihime and read that Ishida felt a surge of feelings for her at the time. Pretty much most of fandom got that this is when Ishida fell for Orihime. Kubo is echoing that moment, the bastard.

Talking with Annie about the differences between the two unrequited loves.

Ishida's is unselfish and yet proactive. He makes a vow to TELL Orihime after the fight that he's so glad to see her unharmed. This is positive, people. He vows to express to her his concern for her. That's something to look forward to.

But I bet something will happen that will make that expression unnecessary. In the world of drama happenings, Orihime will learn of Ishida's concern for her in some more illustrative way. I still think Shirosaki may go on a rampage and Ishida will throw his body over Orihime

The very idea of Ishida protecting Orihime FROM Ichigo is too romantic. She really DOES need to be protected from him (or the concept of him or something.... )

And Annie wrote:

I like IshiHime in this chapter. From the comment from the summary poster, even he admitted Ishida's face kinda makes it clear how much he cares and loves her Beside, Ishida isn't just wishing for Ichigo to win unlike in SS. Here he vowed to tell Orihime his concern is pretty interesting.

Ishida clearly has feelings for Orihime. But his love is so incredible that he will put Orihime's happiness before his own. I mean, he wanted to tell her he's happy to see her but will wait because she's worrying about Ichigo. This is what I called pure love. You don't see him being obsess nor sadden that his feelings are unrequited.

Ha ha, Kubo put two posters kids for unrequited love in the same place and is showing the difference of what love could do to them. Hum~ I cannot wait to see where is will lead to. All I hope for is the characters development

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