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IshiHime drabble

So I come back with a little contribution from my lovely friend mizu_koetatsu and me.

I have to say that she gives me this drabble as a present for St Valentin's day and I loved it, so I had to made it a dooddle and this is the result. BTW, it's angst, so please, don't kill us, we are just angst whores x_DDDD

Title: untitled
Author: mizu_koetatsu
Rating: For everyone, angst
Characters/Pairings: IshiHime, one-sided
Summary: Because your heart belongs to her, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

«Take care of Inoue. Shield her with your own body.»

«I would even if you hadn’t asked.»

And you refuse to look at her, fearing your own mind. Fearing the unbearable love you feel for her. Fearing she would be staring hypnotically at him again. Fearing that gaze, not directed to you, could tear your soul apart.

But you stay near, ready to protect her body even if you have to give up on your own meaningless life. Aware of not being able to look after the part of her you value the most. Because her heart belongs to him, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

When the time comes, you will fight until death to give her a chance to survive. No need to think, no need to ask, and no need to talk; you will die for her.

You will help the girl, so she can go on with her painful one-sided love, just as you always did.

And when she stands up and runs towards the monstrous hole in the wall to whisper his name, your throat dries out, and the grief becomes overwhelming. With a silent sigh you take a hold of yourself and glare at her from behind.
And you realize, once more, how deeply you love her. You realize, that with any doubt, you would die for her.

Because your heart belongs to her, and there is nothing you can do to change it.


Tags: fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, ishida, ishihime, orihime
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