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345 The Sloth, the chapter discussion (er, fangirling continued)

The RAW is out so it's only a matter of moments before the scan appears at this site:

Over a hundred comments, some fangirling but some tidbits of mythos and culture at the previous entry here. Is Bleach getting more interesting or what? People are spazzing more, in this community and in other places. I believe it's because our favorite characters are returning to the forefront. Sure, I love Yumichika too, but I've been waiting for this Ulqui-Ichi showdown since before some friends' babies came into the world and so it feels like I've been waiting for a generation even if it's only been a couple years or so in Real Time.

Some of the fanbois are going "LAME! He's wearing a halter-top dress!" or "What? He's a mouse with wings!" but the fangirls are swooning. Here at this community, which is mostly populated by my bishie-loving homegirls, there's been a lot of panty-flinging. Thank you, though, to balladbird  for his observation that Ulquiorra is not wearing a dress but a cassock, and that Szayel, who had Gabriel in his repetoire, also wore a similar religious robe so we may see Ulqui pull out some archangel move. Neha suggested that the archangel Michael was up at bat.

Ooops, pun not intended. But he does look like a bat, doesn't he? I'm stilling throwing roses at my dear LB7-sensei whose drawing of Ulquiorra has been posted all over fandom because it looks like she forecast the demon look. Her prediction was based on the form Ulquiorra Schiffer, the boatman of the Charon myth, takes in battle.

Jasse mentioned in comments in the last post that the black rain motif might be hearkening back to what she and I discussed eons ago and touched upon in my essay based on such fangirling Ulquiorra can Regenerate and Other Mythos--namely, the whole allusion to Hiroshima. It sure does look epic when Ulqui makes it rain black tears all over the manga as he transforms.

Black rain, a term used by survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to describe the fallout from the bombs, which initially occurred in the form of precipitation.

I find it very unlikely, that Kubo, whose hometown is Hiroshima, didn't know what he was doing there. And long ago, I made the connection to Hiroshima and Ulquiorra's last name--Schiffer. It seems a Hubert Shiffer is a famous Jesuit monk who miraculously survived the atomic bombing there. He's quite famous.

Whatcha think? I think Kubo does some of this stuff on purpose, guys. And the whole seven sins chapter titles now... what else could they be referring to except Ulquiorra? The austere Catholic cassock-wearing/fallen angel with devil wings/mysterious ferryman of both the Greek and Tanabata myth themes are just imploding.

Ooooh this is gonna be so fun.

Only one downer to this chapter full of awesomeness. I'll admit to being horribly disappointed, but not devastated with Orihime's Kurosaki-kunning in this chapter. 2ch erupted in hatred for her again and some of my friends are groaning in misery but I won't give up on Orihime yet. She's still in character as far as I'm concerned--in love and obsessed with Ichigo. I want her to go hougyoku-hunting or to be proactive or at least to interact with the guy who just swooped in and saved her when Ichigo just uttered a lame "wait" and wouldn't even put on his mask to rescue her from Yammi and the Lollicars but I'll just have to be patient. She and Ishida are together and they'll have to interact eventually.

In the meantime, I have a glorious, glorious winged sexy Espada putting Ichigo in his place! I know Ichigo will triumph eventually, but hell, I'm rooting for Ulquiorra.

ETA_OKAY, SLOTH, in the old-fashioned sense of despair fit this chapter so well. nomoreprinces mentioned at BA how the black rain again brought up the rain imagery of Ichigo's despair and pain to the forefront again. The art was indeed gorgeous.  The next chapters will be (blood?) LUST and WRATH. Either one is perfect for Shirosaki--I'm going to pee on myself, I swear. I want to see Shirosaki so much.
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