Daniel (wdboldstar) wrote in bleachness,

Bittersweet: An Orihime Story

Hello everyone! I know I'm a bit of a lurker lately, if I was ever a "regular" poster, but I have a fanfic I've been working on and writing and rewriting about six months, centered around Orihime, and I figured that if I kept tweaking it, It'd never see the light of day until Bleach was over. So, Inspired by all the latest excitment around Orihime and Ishida and Ulquiorra, I finished it and posted it, and I'd like to submit it for your approval.

Title: Bittersweet
Rating: K+
Major Characters: Orihime, Ulquiorra, Ishida
Pairings: Ishihime, Ulquihime, and a sprinkling of Ichiruki and Matsuhitsu on the periphery
Summary: After the War, Orihime moves on, but echoes of the past still ring in her mind. A year later, a discovery in Soul Society gives her a chance to find closure once and for all.

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