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How Gay is Ishida Poll and is there finally yaoi fanservice in Bleach?

So, those of you who have read 264--do you think Kubo-san is FINALLY giving us intentional gay fanservice? Gin is seems to be making a pass at Ulqui in the most unmistakable way. I have to do a little dance bc Gin/Ulqui is one of my fave pairings.
It's about time that Kubo-san, who loves lesbians too much, worked some more gay boy jokes and drama into his manga. I got a hint of what was to come when Pesh leaned over, butt in the air, and asked Ishida if he was in love with him.
Of course, some of you have seen fresh breaths of minty gayness since chapter one. I haven't. I thought MAYBE Hisagi and Yumchika wandering away for that little rumble... but then Kubo started showing Hisagi crushing on Matsumoto in omake so there went that... But just for the hello of it, here's a how gay is Ishida poll.

Poll #937061 How gay IS Uryuu?

How gay is Uryuu Ishida?

Flaming magenta
butchy with the fighting but a little nellie
schizo or bi
false positive on the gaydar
gay! he's a nice sensitive young man!
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