lulucute15 (lulucute15) wrote in bleachness,

Category: Bleach
Title: Influenza
Chapter: 2
Chapter Title: CPR

Abari Renji ambled through streets lit by the soft blue light of a day birthing from the dark of night, existence heralded by the twitter of birds hidden in the soft pink hue of cherry blossoms that danced in the light breath of an early morning. He failed though to notice any of this as his head spun with the exhaustion of another night of aborted sleep as to him, the idea of a meeting stretching so far into the night that it saw next morning was nothing but mere myth, but now aching back muscles and burning calves spoke of otherwise. He found his way to the office almost completely empty save the few early birds who were everything but cherry as the prepared the room for another day of hard work. Few paused to see who had come while others did not even bother themselves with even considering acknowledgement. Renji drifted past bodies that careened away from his unsteady step as head spun insanely with exhaustion and opened the door to find his desk buried beneath the white mould of paper work that grew a few inches higher every time he turned his back. With an exhausted sigh he fell into his desk and dropping his head on the lowest pile before him; chest high, fell asleep.

Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: Fiction Rated: M
Summary: Byakua gets a cold...

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