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Valentine's Contests, Some IshiHime fanarts from Japan

Two Valentine's Contests you may want to be aware of--one IchiRuki themed and the other NelNnoi themed. Neither are sponsored by bleachness but I thought I'd promote them.

Be my Valentine contest

From February Monday 9th to February Saturday 14th, this will be the Valentine's contest. This concerns the fanfics, graphics and fanarts!

  • Of course, everything must be new
  • For fictions, all ratings are allowed; however, for fanarts and graphics, only T/NC-13 pictures, please!
  • For the graphics, only official art! Fanarts are allowed only if you have the fanartist permission
  • Fanfics, and fanarts will have to follow one of the two main themes I'm giving here.
  • Graphics don't have to fit the themes, however they do have to fit the romantic spirit from Valentines
  • IchiRuki centric. Fics can display other characters, but the fanarts & graphics can not.
  • You can participate in both categories, but only once in each. So, be careful

1. Rukia got the best idea for Valentine! But is that really a good idea?
2. Valentine's Day is a romantic day... but what does romance means for Ichigo and Rukia, on such a day?

This time, the voting will be anonymous, through PM. You'll have to PM the votes to both Annie and me, so we can keep in check. The votes will be between the 15th to the 21st February!

For the prizes, see here!!

Info about the NnoiNel Valentine's Challenge is here.

Oh, and the responses from the Japanese fandom to last week's BIshida have been cuuute.

from imgfight, found by Puchiku2


from 最終兵器メガネ, found by Mezz.

Everyone's saying Ishida will give Hime his cape! I will diiiiie if that happens.

This one cracked me up. Orihime is saying "Ishida-kun!"

This one makes a reference to the new Cardass collection cards that have recently come out that show Orihime as a temple priestess and Ishida as some gunslinger and for some odd reason, the Seaweed Ambassador is in a lot of the pics, LOL:

And this one references the new Ishida figurine out from Bandai! I just got mine! It's really nice--there's an Ulquiorra one too I'm dying for.

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