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What Burns - IshiHime

Navi liked this so I figured I'd post it. It's ISHIHIME wow I never write IshiHime...not enough. Or the nakama!

Title: What Burns
Pairings: Ishida/Orihime
Rating: PG
Spoilers for current chapters~

Summary: A musing on Uryu- and how Orihime has affected him. His journey from meeting her to current chapters.
Note: This is really Uryu centric- so even if you don't like the pairing if you like Uryu I might give it a chance. Honestly I was trying really hard to make this come out like Uryu and etc. xD
Dedicated to Debbie and S.A. who squeed with me over Uryu when no one else would! xD

I don't own Bleach

Uryu Ishida had lived his life as a Quincy. He had hated shinigamis, he had wanted to avenge the death of his kind, and at the very base of himself he had wanted to avenge his grandfather who died thanks to the Shinigami. He had believed with all his heart all that he was was a quincy. Every breath he took could somehow be defined by that one title- Quincy.

Uryu met Orihime.

Orihime was a sweet girl from the start. From the moment he sewed with her in that small little club he had always found a fondness in her presence. She was truly a charming girl and he had felt an affection to her for awhile. She was friends with someone though- someone who was soon to change and become something he hated.

Ichigo Kurosaki.

He and the 'new student' Rukia Kuchiki were connected. Ichigo had gained Shinigami powers and by her soul ribbon it was obvious that Rukia herself was a Shinigami. Rather than skulk away from them however the abnormal Orihime Inoue somehow flocked to them. She had never been great friends with Kurosaki before, but she had become closer to Rukia and Ichigo once his powers had awakened. Uryu couldn't bring himself to hate Orihime for the association with a Shinigami. She was far too innocent to know something like that.

Rukia was kidnapped.

He hated Shinigami. He had never wanted to go to save Rukia, he wanted to go to fight Shinigami. A part of him could also say that he wanted to protect someone as innocent as Orihime. She had gained powers herself, but she was certainly no Shinigami. She had the powers that befit an innocent such as herself. Yet his quincy pride told him it was not for Orihime he went. It was to avenge and protect his pride.

He was alone with Orihime.

She belittled herself and he felt compelled to tell her not to think such a thing. It was not her lack of power that made her incapable of fighting. It was her purity, the same kind of thing that let her have such pure emotion for people despite the bad they might do. She would let herself be dragged to a prison before she hurt someone. That didn't made her weak. It made her stronger than any Shinigami..maybe even any Quincy. Uryu lost sight of fighting Shinigami. His mission became stealth, protection.

Uryu meets the mad scientist.

It is suddenly about his pride again. He gets some Shinigami with no wish to die to whisk her away from a disgusting man like this. He learns who the scientist is and it is all about being a Quincy again. He will avenge his grandfather on his Quincy pride. He nearly cuts him down but fails. He is poisoned and powerless and becomes essentially useless.

He watches from then on.

He watches Orihime suffer. He watches her suffer for the sake of the Shinigami and he does not feel like a Quincy. He is certain he is a Quincy but he doesn't feel like one. He feels like a man- a teenager even. But Uryu Ishida is powerless to help Ichigo or anyone else- so he can only give Ichigo a fair warning. He will never forgive him if he hurts Orihime. He will never forgive him if he lets her be hurt because he failed to be powerful enough.

He sets out to regain his power.

Uryu feels like a Quincy. He feels like he is one and it had been awhile. He had to rely on Ichigo to save Orihime- he is bitter about this. He is also glad to have his pride back. But something is not right. The town receives an unknown visitor and he knows this visitor is not strong enough for his friends to handle. All except for Kurosaki- that Shinigami bastard. So once again Uryu puts his faith in Ichigo to protect his friends. He puts his faith in Ichigo to protect Orihime.

Orihime is taken.

Uryu has regained his Quincy pride but it does not matter. Ichigo failed to protect Orihime. He does not know how many times. He does not know how badly she was hurt. Uryu knows that Orihime is gone and he could not protect her. He is mad at Ichigo but most of all he is mad at himself. What good is he as a quincy if he could not avenge his grandfather's death..and what good is he as a man if he cannot protect a girl who he feels such a passionate affection for. One so gripping he would even disregard that Quincy pride of his.

Uryu vows to save her.

Uryu has said this. He is the first to arrive and he knows he will be the one to save Orihime. That Shinigami is not dependable. Ichigo is his nakama and so is Orihime, but Orihime is more than a nakama to Uryu. She is the one who made him see passed his pride. Uryu does not know what that means, he would not step passed that boundary. But Uryu would definitely save Orihime. No matter her feelings for the Shinigami and no matter if it meant disregarding what he wanted.

Uryu meets the Arrancar...doctor.

Never once would Uryu run before. A quincy does not run- it goes against their pride. But Szayel Aporro Granz is in his way. Uryu does not give a damn if he wants to fight. He doesn't care if it would help him or normal people or the Shinigami. He runs- because his place in Hueco Mundo is not to fight. He is not in Hueco Mundo for vengeance or pride. It is far more than that.

Uryu reunites with the Mad Scientist.

He could not run from the Espada. He felt as though things were coming to an end and then he meets a man he detests once again. The Quincy in him would surely have wanted to fight him were this another place. He would want revenge if this were another place. Yet he allows the scientist to heal him and even allows him to help in another way..

Uryu arrives at the tower where Orihime is.

He is now so close to his objective. He fires an arrow at the bulky Espada not fighting Ichigo. When he realizes the effort it would take to kill him he uses something the Mad Scientist gives him. Uryu recalls distinctly being offered the mine to be used against arrancar by that scientist. His Quincy Pride would have surely wavered. Yet Uryu had barely hesitated before taking the mine. He was not here to brag or to fight. Uryu was here to save Orihime. He had failed her so many times- maybe that was a part of his 'Quincy pride'. But all Uryu could think when he saw the ragged beaten up Orihime was that no fight was worth more than having a chance to stop such a thing as this from continuing.

And Uryu thought this not with his Quincy pride- but with the affection burning within him. With the part of him that was merely a man.

A man here to save someone his heart could never let him fail again.
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