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More 342 discussion, BA IchiRuki Valentine's Contest

Bleach Asylum is still down as I type this morning, and I know some of you are looking for stuffs to read. As always, my dear Jenni has wonderful observations in her LJ here about chapter 342. I don't always agree with her but the comments to her LJ are always lively. This chapter has gotten a lot of discussion in the chapter thread at BA which tells me Kubo-sensei is doing something right--if nothing more than yanking his audience's chain. He's good at the teasing, that's for sure. Frustration with Orihime's character is all over the spectrum.

Also, wanted to call attention to the IchiRuki Valentine's contest going over at the IR FC at BA. The prizes are hot--Annie is donating the OST movie CD and Porno Grafitti CD as prizes for the fic and art winners and I'm donating a Love Drop doujin for the winner of the graphics competition. The contest starts on Feb. 9 and the deadline for entries is the 14th.

More details about contest below cut.  
OK, LJ is being evil again and will not allow me to copy paste let alone LJ-CUT so you must wait for access to BA for details of the contest. Grrrrrrrrr <---Puppycar is not happy.
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