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Byakuya startled awake. The sound of several feet and the feel of sharp riatsu closing in on him had awoken him. The door slid open and sunlight poured in to reveal that he was sitting on the floor of the Captains’ Meeting Room. He sat up as everyone filed in, peering at him curiously. He was pulling himself upright so he could gain some footing to stand and bring himself to his usual noble height when his head was pulled back down rudely. Down he went, his head making harsh contact with the wooden floor. He shifted his head to find himself unable to. Slowly he reached over as Kenpachi neared him with slow curiosity and the others gazed on, intrigued. His fingers touched another face, a slender length of nose and high forehead. His touch slipped up into a jagged hair line, over the smooth contour of a head and his fingers ran over the crafty plait that ran between the two, connecting them.

“I suppose the great Kuchki wouldn’t ask for help, even if he needed it.” Kenpachi remarked, his gaze fixed on the form behind him. For an answer, Byakuya jabbed his elbow into the comatose mass that was pressed against his body, earning a pained yelp. Immediately pain ripped through his head as the other tried to get up and when inability to do such was realized, the thus said person began to fail about wildly.

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