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January Birthday Contest, now closed

It's now January 15 16 almost everywhere (yay for international time widgets!) so the January Birthday Contest is now closed. If you have an unposted entry we're sorry it didn't make it. I guess it's time for the judges to start the lovely process of reading and judging.

Anyway, I'm happy that many members of bleachness -- both active members and lurkers! -- submitted lots of great stuff. It's my first time to initiate a fanworks contest and so I'm touched and relieved that the response has been healthy. ♥ Thank you so much for participating! Hopefully I'll have the time and energy to initiate something like this next year.

We will be announcing the winners on January 31, so just wait for that post. *fingers crossed* I'm also working very hard to finish all the prizes on time, so hopefully I'll be able to post pics of them on January 31 too.

For those who have missed it, here's a rundown of all the submissions. I hope I got all the links and titles right.

Byakuya Fanfiction category
Depositus (Residue) by Bunnisteffi
Abstinence Made Uneasy by Kilonji
The Things You Do When You’re Not Thinking Straight by vionaxinyi (a.k.a.Tanequil)
The Chase by sereneKhaos
Stray by idnh-azuresky
Nii-sama Anew by annieroo2
Rites of the Dead by lithium_swirl
The Thing About The Cheetos by Karkashan

Kenpachi Fanfiction category
The History of Skin by vayshti
Of Pride and Power by idnh-azuresky
I Look Like I'm Free But I'm Not by vionaxinyi (a.k.a. Tanequil)

Draw like Rukia category
The Adventures of Nii-sama and Kenpachi by spartydragon
How Nii-sama Hurt his Back by lithium_swirl
The Pictures and the Party by evilisdaily
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