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FTB review and fanart

Sketchy just came back from Japan (with IshiHime doujin for meeee, thank youuu Sketchy! I am yours!) and a report from Jump Festa and a many doodles and a review of Fade to Black which she saw twice!

Follow the link to Sketch's very fangasmic LJ post.

There, that should hold you until we get the spoilers for 341. My looking over archives shows us never getting January spoilers before the 16th. There are some fake ones afoot--something about Shirosaki coming out and Ulqui asking him to join the Espada (ROTFL) and another one that has Ishida showing up with Wonderweiss (I guess they were at synagogue together?)

Oh, and Sketch confirmed the Red String of Fate scene in the FTB movie. *hearts and fangirls* There's been lots of art coming from Japan about that scene but this one, oh, this one is my favorite:

If the Ishida and Wonderweiss spoiler is true, sorry for spoiling everyone but... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Tags: fade to black, fanart
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